Arrow Photos from "Blind Spot"

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Laurel is in trouble on the Arrow episode "Blind Spot.

Check out photos from the installment now, which also include shots of Slade Wilson, Sebastian and Maya.

1. Laurel is Arrested

Laurel is Arrested
Tough break here for Laurel. The character is handcuffed on the Arrow installment "Blind Spot."

2. Adam and Laurel

Adam and Laurel
Adam confronts Laurel in this scene from Arrow. It is courtesy of the episode "Blind Spot."

3. Laurel's Pills

Laurel's Pills
Laurel has a pill problem. And it comes to light on the Arrow episode "Blind Spot."

4. Laurel Looks Scared

Laurel Looks Scared
Laurel looks frightened in this Arrow scene, and for good reason. She's about to get arrested.

5. Finding Her Pills

Finding Her Pills
Gotcha, Laurel! The lawyer is taken into custody here after cops find her pills.

6. Will Oliver Help?

Will Oliver Help?
Oliver has a lot to ponder on Arrow Season 2. This is a photo from "Blind Spot."

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