10 TV Fight Scenes That Left Us Gasping for Breath

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7. Grimm - Black Claws Beware

Grimm - Black Claws Beware
Nick took on a bunch of Black Claw operatives by himself. He could have asked Trubel to help out, but instead, he chose to keep her and his friends safe. Nick used anything and everything he had handy. He rolled a stove into a guy at one point. Sure, if it wasn't for the magic stick Nick would have been dead, but that doesn't make this fight any more intense and amazing.

8. Gotham - The Bazooka Always Wins

Gotham - The Bazooka Always Wins
When Jim ran out of bullets trying to save Bruce from Azrael it looked like it was the end for our favorite Gotham hero. That is until Penguin and Butch showed up with a bazooka and blew the monster formerly known as Galavan into a million smoldering pieces. Azrael’s extended “Oh” reaction at seeing the bazooka, and Penguin’s admonishing of Jim for not bringing the right equipment just added to the awesomeness of this ass kicking.

9. The Originals - Quick Learner

The Originals - Quick Learner
We can't stress enough just how fantastic the second half of The Originals Season 3 was. Seriously, it was just so perfect, and that's no doubt down to the great fight scenes. In this one, Hayley was trying to teach Cami what it was like to be a vampire, only to have their fight cut short when witches showed up. Cami sure was a quick learner.

10. Lucifer - Drugs and Thugs

Lucifer - Drugs and Thugs
Lucifer and Amenadiel were at odds throughout the entire season, but they came together at the end to take down a common enemy: Malcolm. When they went to the warehouse to find him, they ran into a group of heavy-hitting drug thugs. The two of them had the time of their lives acting like comic superheroes performing ridiculously fun stunts to take the thugs down.

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