Blue Bloods Midseason Report Card: Baffling Development, Frustrating Trend & More

By Christine Orlando at

There's no doubt that Blue Bloods is about the law and the Reagan family and how they are unquestionably intertwined, but as Blue Bloods Season 8 began, it shocked fans with the loss of a beloved family member. 

Did that shake up have an upside? Are the additions of another new mayor and the governor energizing the series or bringing it down? 

With ten episodes behind us, we're taking a hard look and assessing what's working, what's not, the best episodes, worst new characters, and what we'd like to see during the second have of Blue Bloods Season 8.  

Is the Reagan family and their colleagues still making the grade? Read on to find out...And you can always watch Blue Bloods online here at TV Fanatic.

1. Most Shocking Plot Twist: Linda Reagan Died

There are certain things you expect from a Reagan Sunday family dinner.

The saying of grace, intelligent conversation, a good debate, a bit of family squabbling, and Linda Reagan holding the family together.

Now that’s changed. Linda’s unexpected, off screen, death during the season hiatus means nothing will ever be the same.

The biggest shock was how we never, ever saw it coming.

2. Best New Development: Danny Reagan Steps Up

Danny's conversation with another grieving father says it better than we can...

Danny: Finding myself making breakfasts and lunches and talking about emotions are things I never really had to do as a father.

David: I can't picture you in an apron.

Danny: I can't cook a TV dinner, but in many ways it's been the best opportunity of my life. An opportunity that I might not have taken, probably wouldn't have stepped up for if not…

We do like this more serious, thoughtful side of Danny. He can't just rely on Linda anymore to keep him grounded and keep the family together. It's all on him now.

However, we did expect to see more of Linda and Danny's sons, because they're currently mostly around just to fill chairs and make quips at family dinners. After Linda's death, we're expecting more from them too.

3. Development That's Left Us Baffled: Too Many Unanswered Questions

It began with the very first episode of the season where Jamie and Eddie went undercover for all of a minute to investigate a drug dealer for six dead teenagers…and gave us very few answers.

It continued in episode 2 when a girl who had been missing for 13 years supposedly showed up on her mother’s doorstep, but no one asked where she had been all that time. And then we never really found out how her “brother” was able to pay her off, why he’d want his “sister” back or even why he killed her in the first place.

We know that time is limited but Blue Bloods season 8 has given us far too many stories with huge plot holes and unanswered questions. Fans deserve better.

4. Character We'd Like to See More: Jamie Reagan

Jamie Reagan has been painfully absent from many episodes so far this season... and a brief line at the family dinner table isn’t cutting it.

We realize the show has a large cast and there are only so many minutes per episode, but Danny and Frank monopolize most of that time, with Erin running a close second.

That leaves fans with Jamie withdrawals far too often and that needs to change quick!

5. Character We'd Like To See Less: Mayor Dutton

She’s rash, naive, impulsive and doesn’t appear to listen to anyone’s advice.

We’ve watched Frank butt heads with previous mayors, but there is something about Mayor Maggie Dutton that really gets under our skin.

We know that Frank has to have some dealings with the mayor, but in this case, a little goes a long, long way.

6. Best Guest Star: Whoopi Goldberg as Regina Thomas

Tom Selleck and Whoopi Goldberg have wonderful chemistry, so when their characters debate back and forth, it comes off naturally.

It’s even better when both Frank and Regina have points of view that make sense but don’t necessarily line up with one another.

Will Regina Thomas eventually be the city mayor on Blue Bloods? We certainly wouldn’t mind one bit.

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