Bones Photos from "The Master in the Slop"

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Anyone up for a game of chess?

Sweets sure is on the Bones episode "The Master in the Slop," shocking some with his impressive array of skills.

Elsewhere, as teased in this slideshow, we'll meet Forensic podiatrist Dr. Douglas Filmore.

1. Sweets Has Game

Sweets Has Game
Sweets has some moves! On the chess board, that is. This is a scene from "The Master in the Slop."

2. Booth on the Job

Booth on the Job
Booth surveys the crime scene in this Bones still. It is from "The Master in the Slop."

3. Brennan in a Parking Garage

Brennan in a Parking Garage
Brennan checks out a parking garage in this Bones photo. It is the scene of the latest crime.

4. A Happy Podiatrist

A Happy Podiatrist
Forensic podiatrist Dr. Douglas Filmore plays a key role on the Bones Season 9 episode "The Master in the Slop."

5. Meeting Dr. Douglas Filmore

Meeting Dr. Douglas Filmore
Cam introduces the team to forensic podiatrist Dr. Douglas Filmore in this Bones scene. He's portrayed by guest star Scott Lowell.

6. Scott Lowell on Bones

Scott Lowell on Bones
Welcome to Bones, guest stars Scott Lowell. We hope you don't mind getting your hands dirty.

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Hodgins: Where's your chest hair?
Booth: I'm highly evolved!
Brennan: His pubic extension is entirely within normal --
Booth: Okay! Enough!

Cam: She stole my identity, she doesn't get my soul, too.
Arastoo: Wonderful.

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