Castle Photos from "Law & Boarder"

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Click through these photos from Castle Season 6 Episode 21, "Law & Boarder."

The fun installment originally airs on Monday, April 28 on ABC.

1. Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports
Rick and Kate dive into the world of extreme sports in order to investigate a murder on Castle. "Law & Boarder is the 21st episode of the show's sixth season.

2. Manny Castro

Manny Castro
Manny Castro is hawking his energy drinks but did he have to murder someone to get here?

3. Fast Start

Fast Start
Beckett and Castle stop to talk with Manny Castro. I doubt they're there to grab a can of Fast Start.

4. The Wavy Pony Tail

The Wavy Pony Tail
We really love Kate Beckett's wavy pony tail in this episode of Castle.

5. Not Buying It

Not Buying It
Whatever story Castle is being told, he certainly doesn't look as though he's buying it.

6. A New Coat

A New Coat
Is that a new addition to Kate Beckett's coat collection? We'll have to find out where we can get one.

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