Castle Photos from "Room 147"

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Check out these photos from Caste Season 6 Episode 16, "Room 147" scheduled to air Monday, Feb. 24th on ABC.


1. Carefree Kate

Carefree Kate
Kate Beckett is smiling. Perhaps she and Castle have made more plans for their upcoming wedding. "Room 147" is the 16th episode of the show's sixth season.

2. Looking Apprehensive

Looking Apprehensive
Kate and Rick looks a little apprehensive about what they might find when they step off that elevator. We wonder what's waiting for them.

3. Staying Warm in NYC

Staying Warm in NYC
It's winter in NYC so Beckett needs that gray wool coat to keep warm as she investigates the latest murder on Castle.

4. Victim or Killer

Victim or Killer
Is this man our murder victim or our killer? With multiple suspects knowing the details of the crime it's anyone's guess.

5. Virtual Interrogation

Virtual Interrogation
We wonder if this is the first time Beckett's had to interview a suspect via video? "Room 147" is scheduled to air Monday, Feb. 24th on ABC.

6. Waiting for a Suspect

Waiting for a Suspect
Are Castle and Beckett waiting for a suspect or a person of interest and is this "Room 147" on Castle?

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