Castle Photos from "The Way of the Ninja"

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As if out of one of Castle's crazy theories, there are ninjas on the loose in "The Way of the Ninja."

Check out these photos from Castle Season 6 Episode 18.


1. Castle and the Ninja

Castle and the Ninja
It's as though it's come straight of of Rick's imagination. Castle actually faces a ninja.

2. A Big Empty Space

A Big Empty Space
Beckett and Castle are in a big empty space. Little do they realize what type of visitors may be lurking in wait.

3. Other Side of the Door

Other Side of the Door
What is lurking on the other side of that door? Could it be ninjas? On Castle anything is possible.

4. Does Beckett Know

Does Beckett Know
Is Beckett searching for a killer or does she know they're on the hunt for a ninja?

5. Something Better To Do

Something Better To Do
Does Rick have something better to do? Beckett looks annoyed on Castle Season 6 Episode 18.

6. Rick Looks Oblivious

Rick Looks Oblivious
Rick looks oblivious to the professional killer he's about to face. Maybe he can use it in the next book, if he survives.

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