Chicago Fire Midseason Report Card: Best Save, Biggest Tear-jerker and More!

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Our firefighters went through an awful lot in the first half of Chicago Fire Season 4. Boden was arrested, Dawson lost a baby, and Severide lost his rank. Not to mention Herrmann was not left in the best of shape.

We are revisiting all the drama we've seen so far in our Chicago Fire Midseason Report Card including the best and worst episodes, the craziest conspiracy, the biggest mystery, and more!

Check out our picks and let us know if you agree!

1. Best Episode

Best Episode
It's hard to argue against the action-packed Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 1 for best episode. Casey was rescued, new characters were introduced, Severide lost his rank, and Dawson told Casey her big news. On top of that, there were two big cases with the crack house fire and Brett and Chili delivering a baby in the ambulance. So much of what occurred in the premiere set us up for the rest of the fall episodes.

2. Worst Episode

Worst Episode
Okay, this one was really hard because we honestly liked them all. We didn't give any of the episodes less than a four star rating. Ultimately, we went with Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 7 for worst episode because Riddle grew even more annoying and Boden continued to make things worse for himself by not letting Voight or his lawyers handle things. Also, we could have done without Otis pursuing Brett.

3. Best Save

Best Save
Our firefighters had some great saves so far this season, but the most intense goes to the family stuck in the elevator between floors. Watching Casey and the father carefully walk across the board to safety had us on the edge of our seats. Thankfully, everyone made it out okay!

4. Most Obnoxious Couple

Most Obnoxious Couple
Remember the annoying neighbors that moved in next to Molly's? Unfortunately, so do we. They went to great lengths to try and get Molly's shut down, even after Herrmann tried to make peace with pie. Luckily, thanks to some old limestone, Molly's survived, and we hope this couple moved back to Oregon.

5. Strangest House Guest

Strangest House Guest
This one goes to Donatello the tortoise, heroically saved from a burning RV by Herrmann. While Pouch was not a huge fan of the new house guest, he made for some great comic relief. It took some effort on their part, but thankfully the guys were able to track down Donatello's family and return him safely.

6. Biggest Tear-jerker

Biggest Tear-jerker
It was heartbreaking when Dawson and Casey lost the baby, and we couldn't help but tear up at Herrmann's touching story. Telling them that he and Cindy miscarried before going on to have five kids was exactly what the grieving couple needed to hear.

7. Most Touching Act of Defiance

Most Touching Act of Defiance
Riddle is against the firehouse being used for a private event, but Boden is not about to let anyone change the way he runs his house. He not only agrees to host the wedding at the firehouse, he even pitches in his own money to cover the food. Everyone chips in and the result is a truly touching ceremony for a couple who lost their dream wedding to a fire.

8. Biggest Suck-Up

Biggest Suck-Up
Patterson played both sides in the Riddle versus Boden drama, always with his own selfish needs in mind. He was the king of sucking up to Riddle with the hope of getting Boden's job, but also knew that he had to play nice until that happened. He eventually turned it around and picked the right side, but he spent most of the season giving us whiplash.

9. Craziest Conspiracy

Craziest Conspiracy
Maddox went to great lengths to avoid being convicted in the arson case. He paid a woman to accuse Boden of home invasion and assault just so he would be discredited as a witness. If that wasn't bad enough, he even paid someone to heckle Dawson into losing her cool to discredit her as well. Thanks to some help from Jamie and the Intelligence gang, Maddox was caught and Boden was exonerated.

10. Biggest Mystery

Biggest Mystery
What's going on with Chili? That's the big question we were left with in the first half of Chicago Fire Season 4. She showed up late to work and has been acting impulsively. What is she hiding? Is it a drinking problem? Could she be bipolar? We'll see!

11. Worst Over-reaction

Worst Over-reaction
After Herrmann and Otis offered Freddie a job at Molly's, he should have been grateful. Instead, he took an insult from Herrmann waaaaay to seriously. Maybe comparing Freddie to the short and fat glasses wasn't very nice, but it's Herrmann's style to mess around with people. Regardless, he certainly did not deserve to be stabbed for it!

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Chicago Fire Quotes

Casey: I need you to know after the ceremony, Gabby and I had a great conversation.
Brett: I’m happy for you, Matt. I really am.
Casey: No, that’s not what I meant. The conversation was great because it just made clear what I already knew. Gabby and I will always care about each other. There’s too much history not to, but I’m not in love with her. I haven’t been for a long time. Gabby is my past, and you… you’re my now. I can’t tell you how to feel, but I think there’s a reason why no matter how hard you and I have tried to make it work with other people we can’t. I’m in love with you, Sylvie, nobody else. And even if that doesn’t change anything for you, I needed you to know it.

Brett: We need music, of course the wedding march and something for the reception.
Severide: Just need an iPod right?
Brett: No, nice try, it's a wedding not a slumber party. I think you can do better than that.