Chicago Fire Season 4 Report Card

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By the end of Chicago Fire Season 4, Dawson became a foster parent, Casey became an alderman, Herrmann survived a stabbing, and Otis had his own medical scare.

Two different characters suffered the loss of a sibling, and handled it VERY differently.

We have yet another in house romance blossoming, and as usual, we were left with a serious cliffhanger.

So, let's take a look back with our Chicago Fire Season 4 Report Card!

Check out our picks and be sure to let us know if you agree!

1. Best Episode

Best Episode
We're giving this one to Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 18. It was easily one of the most action packed episodes of the season, complete with Brett's life in danger, Casey's first vote, and of course, Platt and Mouch's wedding! While we do wish we could have heard their vows, the dual freak outs were hilarious, and we're just happy they made it down the aisle.

2. Worst Episode

Worst Episode
Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 14 wasn't horrible or anything, but it was disappointing. After the hype surrounding the Battle of the Badges, it was over in a matter of seconds. The drawn out Chili story line finally reached an end at least, but by this point, we were way past caring what happened to her.

3. Best New Character

Best New Character
This was tough, because we love Kidd too, but we've had more time to get to know Jimmy. He's kind hearted, hard working, and fit in with the team almost immediately. He took his demotion from candidate to paramedic with class, and took it upon himself to help a woman keep her dignity, despite nearly getting in trouble for it. Plus, he managed to overcome a really embarassing first day, so we have to give him credit for that!

4. Most Uplifting Moment

Most Uplifting Moment
Victor was determined to walk to his high school graduation on Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 19, despite the risk he may be hurt. Casey couldn't let anything happen to him, so he decided to walk with him. The scene turned into so much more than that though when the camera revealed the entire firehouse and police department lining the streets for him. Truly an uplifting sight!

5. Unexpected Character Development

Unexpected Character Development
When this season started, who would have guessed that Casey would run for a political office? He got off to a rocky start, but it really didn't take long for him to find his footing. His political consultant is already talking about him running for state senate! How far will this story line go?

6. Cutest Addition to the Family

Cutest Addition to the Family
After suffering a miscarriage earlier in the season, we were so happy for Dawson when she was approved to foster Louie. More than that though, we're just super excited that this adorable child will be back on our TV screens next season! Just look at that face!

7. Most Dragged Out Story Line

Most Dragged Out Story Line
Seriously, could this story line have been dragged out any longer? It lasted nearly a third of the season. By the time we finally found out the reason for her abysmal behavior (her sister's death), no one had any sympathy left for her. She was given way too many chances before she was finally fired for drinking on the job, and we don't miss her at all.

8. Moment That Had Our Hearts Pounding

Moment That Had Our Hearts Pounding
The active shooter storyline from Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 13 was incredibly intense. We were on the edge of our seats watching Casey lead the group of civilians out of that building, with almost no dialogue spoken. Then there was Chili and Brett trapped in a room on their own. The whole thing was terrifying!

9. Hardest Kept Secret

Hardest Kept Secret
Severide had to keep JJ distracted all day while his mom was in surgery, without letting on how dire the situation was. Even later, when he found out she had died, he couldn't tell him because JJ's aunt requested he wait until she arrived. The whole thing was heartbreaking to watch, and we don't know how Severide managed to keep it together.

10. Severide's Best Catch

Severide's Best Catch
Severide has had no shortage of potential love interests. This season alone there was Agent Ward, Detective Holloway, April, and, of course, Kidd. Due to various reasons, Kidd's the one that panned out, which is great, because they make a cute couple. Granted, Kidd comes with some baggage in the form of a crazy ex-husband, but we are hoping he doesn't come between them.

11. Hopes For Season 5

Hopes For Season 5
Most of our hopes for next season are on the relationship front. We're ready for Dawson and Casey to stop messing around and tie the knot. We'd also like to see Jimmy and Brett pursue a relationship. Finally, we're concerned about that cliffhanger, and we hope that both Severide and Kidd come out of it unscathed. After that, we'd be okay with never seeing Grant again.

12. Overall Grade

Overall Grade
We're giving Chicago Fire Season 4 a solid B.

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