Chicago PD Season 3: Best Episode, Season MVP and More!

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7. Most Significant Case

Most Significant Case
The scary possibility that Burgess may have shot the wrong man had us worried for her. Her job, freedom, and reputation were on the line as the boy's trial commenced. Luckily, the boy took a deal and admitted his guilt, but Burgess still had to defend her honor and her relationship. The injury Roman sustained from the shooting also forced him to retire from the force, making this case that much more impactful.

8. Worst Choice of a Side Job

Worst Choice of a Side Job
Halstead's moonlighting gig as a security guard for a marijuana clinic was not the best choice for a side job. It did not take long before the whole thing went downhill, resulting in a friend's death. We love Charisma Carpenter, but this story line did not do much for us. Luckily it didn't last very long.

9. Most Intense Moment

Most Intense Moment
Really this goes to the entire episode of Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 23, but especially to the last scene. Watching Voight intent on revenge and Lindsay crying and pleading with him had us on the edge of our seats. Then Lindsay backed off and drove away, leaving Voight to his own devices.

10. Hopes for Season 4

Hopes for Season 4
We're curious to see the resutls of the cliffhanger and how the series moves forward. We'd love to see Burgess move up to Intelligence, even if just temporarily. We're also looking forward to seeing Lindsay and Halstead move in together, because she has to pick up on all those hints he's been dropping!

11. Overall Grade

Overall Grade
B-. There were some interesting cases and great moments, but we just can't forgive completely dropping Olinsky's storyline. We also were not fans of the Burgess/Roman pairing.

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Roman: 88 huh?
Burgess: Yeah.
Roman: I was 89.

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Ruzek: Why is she protecting that son of a bitch? I don't get it.
Burgess: Because she's in love with him.
Ruzek: In love with him?
Burgess: Yeah.
Ruzek: That's not love. That's Stockholm Syndrome.
Burgess: Try telling her it's not love. Sometimes, people, they trick themselves into believing what they want to believe because it feels better than the alternative.
Ruzek: Well sometimes it's real. And there's no trick or delusions. It's just good. It might be complicated but it's good.