Cloak and Dagger Series Premiere: Everything You Need To Know

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7. Mommy Issues

Mommy Issues
Tandy's mother Melissa took the impact of her husband's death the hardest. His company, Roxxon Corp, refused to pay out his life insurance and they seized all files in their home. In the years since, Melissa has resorted to drinking, drugs, career failures, and sleeping with married men. She stole Tandy's money with the hope of starting a new legal case against Roxxon Corp. (Stealing the drugs was just for pleasure.)

8. Rise And Shine

Rise And Shine
Tyrone's mother Adina, on the other hand, has used her grief to propel her career forward to make sure that Tyrone has the best life possible. Though, she's a little on edge. We see her aim a gun at something digging away in their trash cans.

9. The Hunt

The Hunt
Detective Brigid O'Reilly has been assigned to the case of the ballet stabbing. We don't know much about her yet, but we do know that she's onto Tandy and is getting closer to tracking her down.

10. Dress To Arrest

Dress To Arrest
Speaking of Tandy, she's desperate to get out of town after finding out that the rich guy has survived the attack and could implicate her. To get new documentation, she and Liam plan to steal money from a wedding. They succeed in their goal, but Brigid arrests Liam for the crime. Will Tandy return to pay his bail or will she leave town?

11. Team Trouble

Team Trouble
Tensions have risen on the basketball court between Tyrone and his teammates. After causing a fight during a game and missing practice (which caused the team to be punished), members of the team took their frustrations out on Tyrone in the locker room. They beat him up and locked him in the storage cage to teach him a lesson.

12. The Criminal Returns

The Criminal Returns
What is Connors hiding? The mysterious police officer who killed Billy all those years ago has reemerged in New Orleans and he's up to no good. Thanks to his powers, Tyrone found the whereabouts of his brother's killer. He wants revenge and plots to kill him with a gun in the same fashion. Unfortunately, his abilities got in the way at the worst time and prevented him from finishing the job.

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Cloak and Dagger
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