Dallas Season 3 Premiere Photos

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Check out these photos from Dallas Season 3 Episode 1, "The Return"

The Dallas season 3 premiere is scheduled to air Monday, February 24 on TNT.

1. Dallas Season 3 Cast Photo

Dallas Season 3 Cast Photo
The cast of Dallas poses here for a TNT promotional photo in anticipation of Season 3.

2. The Unhappy Ladies of South Fork

The Unhappy Ladies of South Fork
Why do all of these women look so unhappy and what has their undivided attention? Dallas returns on Monday, February 24th.

3. Troublesome Emma

Troublesome Emma
How will Sue Ellen feel when she finds out what Emma's doing with her son?

4. We Meet Again

We Meet Again
Elena returns from her trip to Mexico and she and Pamela come face to face on South Fork. "The Return" airs Monday, February 24th on TNT.

5. Christopher's New Look

Christopher's New Look
Christopher's new mountain man look with the beard is going to take a little getting used to on Dallas.

6. A New Ranch Hand

A New Ranch Hand
Looks like Heather, the new ranch hand might have eyes for Christopher Ewing when Dallas returns on TNT.

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