Dark Matter Season 2: A Primer

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Dark Matter fans, rejoice!

The hit Syfy show returns to television screens for a second season on July 1, 2016. Let's take a moment, though, to get to know the characters who call the notorious mercenary ship home as they try to puzzle out the truth about their various unknown pasts.

Amnesia can do a real number on a person, after all. Of course, it doesn't help when everyone wants to kill you, either...

1. The Crew of the Raza

The Crew of the Raza
The crew of the Raza woke up from stasis in Season 1 Episode 1 with no memory of who they were, not even the name of the ship they were on. And even when they started to figure out their names, there were layers of secrets, lies, and conspiracies that threaten to destroy all of them. The galaxy's a rough place to live these days.

2. Mark Bendavid as One - Dark Matter

Mark Bendavid as One - Dark Matter
Marc Bendavid as One, the first crew member of the Raza to wake up from stasis. At first thought to be career criminal Jace Corso, One later discovered that he was, in fact, powerful corporate CEO Derrick Moss investigating the mysterious murder of his wife. (The real Jace Corso was not amused.) One has a rocky relationship with Three (the lead suspect in his wife's death) and an unresolved sexual tension with Two.

3. Melissa O'Neil as Two - Dark Matter

Melissa O'Neil as Two - Dark Matter
Melissa O'Neil as Two, the Captain of the Raza. Formerly known as Portia Lin (on the Galactic Authority's Most Wanted list), Two was revealed to be an illegally-created synthetic human prone to violence. More than any other member of the crew, Two has embraced the opportunity to reinvent herself following their induced amnesia -- though she is still trying to understand her origins and what she is capable of. Two is an extremely capable and deadly fighter, and she'll do anything to protect her crew.

4. Anthony Lemke as Three - Dark Matter

Anthony Lemke as Three - Dark Matter
Anthony Lemke as Three (AKA Marcus Boone), the gun-happy mercenary who is the lead suspect in the murder of the wife of Derrick Moss (AKA One). Three is also self-centered and downright callous at times, more concerned with his own fate than the welfare of anyone else. There's more to him than meets the eye, though, for despite his generally less-than-charming attitude, he still managed to win the love of a terminally-ill woman who had nursed him back to health at one point.

5. Alex Mallari Jr. as Four - Dark Matter

Alex Mallari Jr. as Four - Dark Matter
Alex Mallari Jr. as Four, AKA Ryo Tetsuda, once the heir to the powerful Zairon Principality before being framed by his stepmother for the murder of his father. Stoic and distant for the most part, Four is a master swordsman and martial artist. He can be incredibly ruthless, as well: he killed his former swordmaster and teacher in cold blood to send a message to his brother. He expresses himself through actions more than words.

6. Roger Cross as Six - Dark Matter

Roger Cross as Six - Dark Matter
Roger Cross as Six, a rebel wracked with guilt over the destruction of a space station that cost ten thousand innocent lives. Despite his size and strength, he is generally one of the kindest and most compassionate members of the Raza crew, and he is extremely protective of Five. In the Season 1 finale, he turned out to be an undercover cop for the Galactic Authority and betrayed the crew of the Raza.

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