Days of Our Lives Classic Couple Spotlight: Lucas and Sami

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7. The Franco Affair

The Franco Affair
Sami was so determined to keep Lucas away from Will that his love for her vanished and was replaced with hate. Sami nearly lost her freedom -- and her life -- when Lucas caught her new boyfriend Franco attacking Kate and killed him, which Kate then framed Sami for. Meanwhile, Lucas fell for Nicole, and Kate paid her $5 million to break up with Eric and marry Lucas so that Lucas could get custody of Will now that Sami was out of the way. However, Lucas couldn't do that to Sami and rushed to try to stop her from being executed after she was convicted of murder and sentenced to death.

8. Lucas Realizes What Sami Means to Him

Lucas Realizes What Sami Means to Him
Lucas and Sami remained bitter rivals until one night Andre threw Sami through a glass door during an argument. Sami nearly died and Lucas realized suddenly how much she meant to him.

9. The First Reconciliation

The First Reconciliation
Lucas took Sami home with him and helped her recuperate after the accident at the Dimera mansion. The two began to have feelings for each other again but didn't want Will to catch on until they were sure because they didn't want to get his hopes up for his parents to get back together.

10. Sami and Lucas Get Engaged

Sami and Lucas Get Engaged
There was more tragedy ahead for Sami, thanks to Andre Dimera, who made it appear that her beloved father Roman had been murdered. Lucas comforting Sami helped the two of them get close again and they decided to get engaged.

11. Kate Causes Trouble

Kate Causes Trouble
Kate was determined to break up Lucas and Sami, as she didn't think Sami was good enough for her son. She drugged both Sami and Brandon Walker and put them in bed together to convince Lucas that Sami had cheated on him. Lucas believed her, but with Nicole's help, Sami proved her innocence and the wedding was back on.

12. The Stan Disaster

The Stan Disaster
While Lucas and Sami were broken up, Sami's mental health deteriorated to the point that she began dressing as a man and called herself Stan. Stan was a troublemaker who sold painkillers to an addicted John Black and wreaked havoc in Salem. Unfortunately for Sami, when she and Lucas reconciled, Kate interrupted their wedding to reveal that Sami was Stan, causing the couple to break up once again.

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