Days of Our Lives photos for the Week of 9/14/2015

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Gabi is unexpectedlly released from prison thanks to Aiden who is also struggling to hide his secrets from those he loves. Stefano has a heart attack while arguing with Chad and speaking of Chad, is he being drugged?

Check out these photos from Days of Our Lives, beginning to air the week of September 14, 2015.

1. Gabi Comes Home - Days of Our Lives

In an unexpected twist, Gabi is released from prison and comes home to Salem. Rafe, Will, and Ari are thrilled.

2. Abigail is Stunned - Days of Our Lives

Abigail is stunned to find out that Ben put a tracking app on her phone. Little does she know he hasn't told her the entire truth about why.

3. JJ Tells Jennifer About Clyde - Days of Our Lives

JJ tells Jennifer the truth about Clyde being the drug kingpin in Salem Is there any way they can get this information to the police without Clyde knowing?

4. Stefano Has A Heart Attack - Days of Our Lives

Stefano has a heart attack while arguing with Chad at the mansion. Will this sideline the head of the Dimera clan for long?

5. Aiden's Secret - Days of Our Lives

Aiden struggles to keep his secrets from Hope, Ciara, and Chase. How long can he keep his gambling debts and his relationship with Stefano from getting out.

6. Has Chad Been Drugged? - Days of Our Lives

Chad begins to think he's blacking out because he's been drugged. Will Marlena be able to help him figure out what really happened the nights he can't remember.

7. Steve Is On the Hunt - Days of Our Lives

Steve is on the hunt to find Bo. With John's help and their ISA contacts, will they be able to find him?

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