Days of Our Lives Spoiler Photos: A Plan Could Turn Deadly

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Cornering a violent stalker is never a good idea.

Ben tried to warn Ciara about how dangerous her plan to force a confession out of Claire could be, but Ciara didn't listen.

And as the trailer for Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-24-19 shows, that mistake could be deadly!

While Ben confides in Marlena, Claire walks in on Ciara and Tripp -- and pulls a knife on Tripp! Are he and Ciara going to get out of this alive?

There's plenty of other action too on what seems like an exciting week. Kristen's plans may be unraveling, as Xander bonds with Ted instead of killing him, Sami confronts "Nicole", and both Kate and Hope investigate what's really going on in that hotel room!

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Check out the complete list of spoiler photos below and then tell us what you're most excited for.

Days of Our Lives continues to air on NBC on weekday afternoons. Check your local listings for airtimes.

1. Xander bonds with Ted.

Xander bonds with Ted.
Kristen sent Xander to "clean up his mess" by eliminating Ted, but instead he's going to bond with him! Will the two former partners team up against Kristen?

2. Sami confronts "Nicole".

Sami confronts "Nicole".
Sami and Nicole have had a very long rivalry -- and so have Sami and Kristen! Will Sami realize who she's really dealing with when she confronts "Nicole" about how she's treated Eric?

3. Eric agrees to marry Sarah and Rex

Eric agrees to marry Sarah and Rex
Rex asks Eric to officiate his impromptu wedding to Sarah and Eric accepts. Will the former priest be able to hold his feelings for Sarah back when he pronounces her wife to his brother?

4. Jennifer tells Jack about the diary.

Jennifer tells Jack about the diary.
Now that Dr. Rolf's diary has been recovered, Jennifer is eager to tell Jack that he might be able to get his memories back! Will Jack be interested, or is he too invested in his new life with Eve?

5. Xander catches Kate snooping.

Xander catches Kate snooping.
Kate knows something is fishy in "Nicole's" hotel room and sneaks in to investigate, but Xander catches her! Will Xander's new desire to reform be enough to keep him from hurting Kate?

6. Lani tries to work things out with Eli.

Lani tries to work things out with Eli.
Now that Lani realizes she threw her relationship with Eli away for a fantasy, she's ready to reconcile, but will he go for it?

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