Days of Our Lives Spoiler Photos: Plans Fall Apart

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You know what they say about the best laid plans.

The Days of Our Lives spoiler video suggests that Julie catching Stefan and Gabi during one of their trysts will only bring this couple closer together. After Julie chews them out, Stefan tells Gabi he's falling hard for her.

Is Gabi's revenge plot working, or is she falling for him too?

Meanwhile, NBC's official Days of Our Lives spoiler photos suggest this is going to be a difficult week for Kristen -- and for her enemies.

Kristen's plans have been falling apart for a while, and now she knows Xander disobeyed orders and failed to kill Ted and Kate. But Kristen is not one to give up easily, so what's her next move?

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Check out our entire Days of Our Lives spoiler photo slideshow, then hit the comments with your thoughts about what's going to happen next and what you're most looking forward to!

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1. Claire leaves Salem.

Claire leaves Salem.
Claire has been hospitalized since Hope and Marlena stopped her from killing Ciara. Now she's likely going to Bayview to learn to curb her violent impulses. But is Eve visiting her before she goes a good idea?

2. Tripp reconnects with Haley.

Tripp reconnects with Haley.
Haley just reunited with JJ and the two declared their love for each other. But could a triangle be in the works when she reconnects with Tripp?

3. Ted comes clean with Kate.

Ted comes clean with Kate.
Uh oh! Looks like Kate will once again be holding a gun on fellow hostage Ted. What does he need to confess to her this time?

4. Sarah comforts Maggie after a moment of weakness.

Sarah comforts Maggie after a moment of weakness.
Sarah is finally there for her mother. But please tell us Maggie hasn't had another alcoholism slip so soon after returning to Alcoholics Anonymous!

5. Rex must confess something to Sarah.

Rex must confess something to Sarah.
Is this about giving away Xander's necklace to Chloe, or has Rex cheated on Sarah yet again?

6. "Nicole" finds something surprising in the secret room.

"Nicole" finds something surprising in the secret room.
"Nicole" walked in on Ted and Kate kissing when she opened the door to the secret room. Will she use their almost-fling as leverage somehow?

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

You killed him, he goes in your trunk.


Sarah: I can't believe Victor didn't get rid of all the alcohol!
Maggie: Oh, don't blame him. He's devastated about Claire.
Sarah: But you need his support.
Maggie: I can't expect the world to bend around me. I need to be stronger.
Sarah: You are strong! Yeah, you went on a bender, but ever since then you've had everything under control.
Maggie: It looks that way, but the truth is I'm scared. I was sober for over 30 years. The days and weeks and months went by and the thought of drinking never even crossed my mind. And since I slipped, I'm tempted every day. It's like I'm starting all over again.