17 Most Memorable Moments from The Good Wife

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From the very first moment, The Good Wife caught our attention.

It had two stars we already loved and a concept that completely intrigued us. Why would any wife stand stoically by the husband who humiliated her?

We had to know. 

But that was just the start of Alicia Florrick's journey and since then it's been one hell of a ride. 

In seven seasons there have been career highs and devastating lows, romance and tragedy, and friends whom we'll always miss.

Check out these 17 memorable moments from The Good Wife.

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1. Standing by Her Man...

Standing by Her Man...
We knew Julianna Marguilles from E.R. We knew Chris Noth from Sex and the City. But we had no idea what to expect from The Good Wife. Alicia Florrick showed us why a wife would still stand next to her powerful husband, even after his actions humiliated her. Right from the beginning The Good Wife never dumbed it down for its audience. It presented a complicated, human situation and expected us to keep up right from the pilot episode.

2. A Look Back to the Start

A Look Back to the Start
When Alicia was asked to write the keynote speech for the American Bar Association about how she got back into the workplace after “opting out” to raise her kids, the look back was a fascinating glimpse into her relationship with Will Gardner. He both literally and figuratively held the door open for her to come back to the law and we'll always love this inside glimpse into their history Unfortunately, it makes events in their future all the more sorrowful.

3. The Voicemail

The Voicemail
It's the voicemail where Will put it all on the line on The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 23. It's the voicemail that Alicia never heard thanks to Eli's meddling. We're still a little sick that she never heard his words. -- WILL: "No, you know what? I'm not just dropping this. You want to know my plan? My plan is I love you, OK? I've probably loved you ever since Georgetown. So phone me. I'll meet you anywhere, and we will make a plan. If none of this makes sense to you, just ignore it. No embarrassment, nothing. We'll just go back to how things stood."

4. An Exceptional Moment

An Exceptional Moment
WILL: "We've always had bad timing, haven't we?" -- ALICIA: "We have." -- WILL: "What if we were to suddenly have good timing, just for… an hour? What would that look like?" -- ALICIA: "I think that would look like an exceptional moment." -- And it was! After winning a case and downing tequila in a hotel bar, Will and Alicia finally made the timing work.

5. Will and Diane: The Perfect Partners

Will and Diane: The Perfect Partners
DIANE: "We're the perfect couple." -- WILL: "Yeah, everything but the sex." -- Diane Lockhart and Will Gardner really were the perfect partners, both in the law and as friends. Will's relationship with Diane makes us miss him all the more.

6. Alicia Breaks Up with Will

Alicia Breaks Up with Will
After thinking that her daughter may have been kidnapped, Alicia breaks down about having too many distractions, and the die is cast when Grace unwittingly tells her to get rid of them. We couldn't believe it when Alicia chose to break up with him at work, with it's windowed walls so the entire firm could see in. The moment broke not only our hearts, but Will's as well.

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