DRAFT: 17 Most Unexpected Ships We're Surprised We Love


Certain ships are laid out for us from the very beginning. The characters have instant chemistry and are paired together from the start. Others come much later and are seemed to be thrown together without warning.

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Given the right chemistry and buildup, audiences can get behind the ship no problem. We've collected 17 unexpected ships we're surprised we love! 

Which ones your favorite?

1. Dan and Blair -- Gossip Girl

Dan and Blair -- Gossip Girl
Staring out as enemies, these two surprised us all when they became good friends in season four. It didn't come as a surprise that Dan would develop a crush on Blair, because Blair is well, Blair, but what did surprise us is that Blair returned those feelings. These two shouldn't have worked with how different they are, but that chemistry and how Dan treated her like a legit queen were reasons enough to ship them.

2. Meredith and Deluca -- Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and Deluca -- Grey's Anatomy
Being that Deluca had previously dated her sister Maggie, and that they seemingly had no scenes together prior to season 14, their connection came as a surprise. We had all been curious to see Meredith fall in love again after Derek, and although Deluca may be younger, he treats Meredith with the love and respect that she so rightfully deserves.

3. Asher and Michaela -- How to Get Away with Murder

Asher and Michaela -- How to Get Away with Murder
Michaela started the show really disliking Asher, so fans were surprised when the two hooked up in season two. What was more surprising was how well they worked together. They moved past the race issue, Michaela having trust issues, and Michaela learning to look at Asher in a more serious way. Eventually they started a really loving and sweet relationship that lasted several seasons.

4. Scott and Malia -- Teen Wolf

Scott and Malia -- Teen Wolf
This romance came as a shock to the characters as well as the audience as they previously dated each others best friends. They had a mutual respect for one another and vowed to keep each other safe no matter what.

5. Ryan and Taylor -- The OC

Ryan and Taylor -- The OC
After Marissa’s death and their epic romance, it was hard to picture Ryan with anyone else. Then Taylor came along and everything changed. Their relationship just worked. It was easy and light and fun; everything a teenage romance should be.

6. Reggie and Veronica -- Riverdale

Reggie and Veronica -- Riverdale
Reggie and Veronica started spending a lot more time together in season three and it was obvious that Reggie had a crush on her. The two grew closer in Archie’s absence and it’s unclear if they worked so well because Camila and Charles are dating in real life or if they just made more sense, but their scenes were a delight to watch.

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