17 TV Characters Who Have Impeccable Style

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7. Chanel Oberlin

Chanel Oberlin
Chanel's style is as over-the-top as Scream Queens itself. It involves a lot of pink and a lot of fur, but there's no denying that it's kind of amazing to look at. You may not be able to pull her looks off yourself, but you can certainly appreciate the fabulousness of them.

8. Elijah Mikaelson

Elijah Mikaelson
No one can rock a suit better than original vampire Elijah Mikaelson of The Originals. Plus, he rips out hearts and beheads adversaries all while donning a perfectly pressed Tom Ford. You'll never catch him wearing anything less than the best.

9. Jessica Day

Jessica Day
What's so amazing about Jessica Day's style is that it's easily replicable in the real world. It's adorable, it's unique, but not off-the-wall, and it's not the typical all black and brown wardrobe we commonly see on TV. Plus, it suits Jess' personality perfectly, and that's what personal style is all about.

10. Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen
Dany is the fiercest woman on TV right now, so of course she needs the most killer wardrobe to complement that. The costume designers for Game of Thrones are incredible, and their pieces for Dany are so distinctly her. Her style has inspired people to cosplay her famous dresses and hair styles all over the world.

11. John Luther

John Luther
John Luther of BBC's hit show Luther is one dapper man. His signature tweed jacket and red tie give him a relaxed, yet pulled together, look. Another TV character with a signature look, Luther's style makes him look effortlessly cool.

12. Schmidt

Schmidt would be totally offended if he was included on this list. Not a lot of men could pull off all of the sweaters and collared shirts that Schmidt wears, but Schmidt is his own man and he takes great pride in his style. His impreccable style just makes us love New Girl's funny man even more.

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