21 Shows with Serious Girl Power

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7. Marvel's Jessica Jones

Marvel's Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones is a private investigator with super abilities. Season 1 focused on her fight with Kilgrave, her abuser who also possessed abilities that nobody could explain. Along with her friend Trish, and business partner Jeri Hogarth, Jessica is out to help the city while helping herself develop. Her friendships with these women were strained, so hopefully in Season 2 they'll be able to flourish a little better. It's hard to focus on the friends when the show is titled "Jessica Jones."

8. Orphan Black

Orphan Black
Can we count Orphan Black as an ensemble? Yes, Tatiana Maslany plays many clones, who all have their own identities and lives, while the main one, Sarah, fights to save them all and keep herself and her child from being killed, after witnessing the death of her fellow clone and assuming her identity.

9. Nashville

Although part of a larger ensemble cast, Nashville focuses mainly on Rayna Jaymes and Juliette Barnes, two country stars in their own right. They both attained fame in much different ways and vie to stay in the spotlight, but their shadows hardly cover the other's. Even though they may bicker and argue, Juliette and Rayna developed an interesting friendship.

10. Charmed

Charmed is a little older than these female led TV shows, but you can't write about female ensembles without writing about Charmed. You just can't. The show followed Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and eventually Paige through their Wiccan lives, as they learned the craft and balanced their working, dating, and demon slaying lives. They couldn't make many friends when they had a demon bursting through their too many impractical windows, so they relied on each other, and became best friends and sisters. But with sisters, be prepared for a fight or two.

11. Teachers

Ever wondered what your elementary school teachers did when the misbehaving children weren't around? Follow six teachers who are still trying to figure out their own lives while having the responsibility of molding the lives of the next generation. Whether it be hooking up with the janitor or flirting with hot dads, these teachers are relatable and witty, and nobody can quite understand how they're feeling except each other.

12. Devious Maids

Devious Maids
There's really no show quite like it. Devious Maids follows Rosie, Carmen, Marisol, and mother-daughter duo Zoila and Valentina through sexy, scandalous, and deadly times in Beverly Hills as they deal with class and racial issues. When one of their fellow maids is murdered, these girls come together and help solve the crime, but even as their respective employers turn on one another, these girls hold their own and have a certain level of respect for their fellow maids.

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