24 Couples Whose Love was Denied by Death

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As fans of television, we adore a good love story. We pick who we want together, we witness new love budding and growing, and we cheer it on.

Sometimes these couples frustrate us with their turmoil, but we know in the end, it'll all be worth it. We'll see their love in full bloom, and all will be right with the world.


Not always.

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Sometimes the Grim Reaper has his own plans, and tears love apart right before our very eyes, leaving us a puddle on the floor.

Here are 24 couples whose love was denied by death. Which ones made you cry?

1. Mark & Elizabeth - ER

Mark & Elizabeth - ER
Mark and Elizabeth were both hesitant about finding love, but they couldn't deny their feelings for each other. We routed them on until they finally gave in, and fell in love. Just as we were feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, we found out Mark had a brain tumor and was going to die. We felt robbed! Mark and Elizabeth went away together and Mark died in Elizabeth's arms.

2. Bobby & Diane - NYPD Blue

Bobby & Diane - NYPD Blue
Bobby and Diane always had sizzle on NYPD Blue, so it was no surprise when their love grew. They'd been through so much together, and stood by each other's side. When they got married, we were all so happy for them. That was until a medical condition to Bobby's life too soon, leaving Diane crushed with the rest of us.

3. Sawyer & Juliette - LOST

Sawyer & Juliette - LOST
Throughout LOST, we had the love-ish triangle between Sawyer, Jack, and Kate. That was nothing compared to the chemistry we felt between Sawyer and Juliette later in the series. Now that was love. We saw a softer side of Sawyer reserved only for her, and it made him even more attractive. If that's possible. When Juliet fell down the shaft and later died in Sawyer's arms, our hearts broke right along with him.

4. Spencer & Maeve - Criminal Minds

Spencer & Maeve - Criminal Minds
Spencer relies mostly on his intellect in his job and his personal life. He doesn't take time out for romance, but there was something special about Maeve. The more they talked on the phone, the deeper in love they fell, and they hadn't even seen each other. When they finally laid eyes on each other, they were both kidnapped by a psycho lady who shot Maeve in the head. Right in front of Spencer! You can't get worse than that.

5. Phoebe & Cole - Charmed

Phoebe & Cole - Charmed
Cole was a demon. All around bad entity, right? Not when it came to Phoebe. Their love was so strong, he renounced his evil demon side and fully embraced his human side, just so he could marry her. When he unwittingly becomes the source of evil, the charmed ones have no choice but to vanquish him. Even still, he returns for Phoebe, but it's no use, evil overcame him and the sisters had to kill Phoebe's husband for good.

6. Mark & Lexie - Grey's Anatomy

Mark & Lexie - Grey's Anatomy
Mark and Lexie, like most Grey's couples, had an on again/off again relationship. Mark was historically a player, but he had a special spot for Little Grey and we all felt it. Too bad they wasted so much time not telling each other how they really felt. When they're plane went down and Lexie died right in front of him, his screams of agony were felt through the woods and right through our TVs.

7. Daryl & Beth - The Walking Dead

Daryl & Beth - The Walking Dead
Daryl and Beth would've made the sweetest couple. They were developing their relationship slowly, growing especially strong when they were spending alone time together. She was such a calming balance for him. They're budding love affair was cut short by a bullet to the brain, that Daryl had to witness. There was nothing he could do but carry her lifeless body back to the group. So sad.

8. Sayid & Shannon - LOST

Sayid & Shannon - LOST
Sayid and Shannon couldn't have been more different, but when Sayid asked for Shannon's help translating Rousseau's French transmissions, Sayid saw her in a different light. From that time on, they spent a lot of time together on the island, building their love. Too bad when she took off after a vision of Walt, overzealous Ana Lucia had to shoot her in the stomach. Heartbroken Sayid buried Shannon on the beach and sadly was never the same.

9. Izzie & Denny - Grey's Anatomy

Izzie & Denny - Grey's Anatomy
It's never a good idea to fall in love with your patients, but Denny was just to irresistibly charming to say no to. Izzy fell deeply in love with Denny, who had a weak heart. She's a doctor, she can fix him, right? Wrong. Even after Izzie broke every rule in the book to save his life, Denny ended up dying while she was in the elevator on her way up to see him. She lay next to him, unable to let go.

10. Mickey & Maggie - Days of Our Lives

Mickey & Maggie - Days of Our Lives
Mickey and Maggie definitely went through their share of marital trouble, but their love stood the test of time. Their relationship was one of the staples on Days. After all, they'd been through over the years, things were looking great for the couple when Mickey suffered a heart attack packing for their vacation. Unfortunately, Maggie found his lifeless body and went into shock. A sad end to a long love.

11. Derek & Meredith - Grey's Anatomy

Derek & Meredith - Grey's Anatomy
Talk about a share of troubles, Derek and Meredith had their share. What started off as a little affair turned into one of the strongest relationships in Grey's history. When they finally committed to each other and pledged their love on a sticky note, we knew they'd live happily ever after. They did for a while. A happy marriage and three kids later, Derek is killed in a car accident, and Meredith doesn't even get to say goodbye. Tragic.

12. Tara & Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tara & Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
It took a while for Tara and Willow to get together, especially with Oz in the way, but they finally declared their love for each other. They even got a kitten together, just like they wanted. Even though the two developed problems surrounded their witchcraft, they still loved each other. When Tara took a stray bullet to the heart, Willow was standing close by and tried to bring her back to life. It was no use, she was gone for good.

13. Alicia & Will - The Good Wife

Alicia & Will - The Good Wife
Alicia and Will had a chemistry, there's no denying that. If only she wasn't married. Even so, they're will they/won't they relationship was cut short when Will was shot in the courtroom and bled out. No Alicia and Will for The Good Wife fans.

14. Clarke & Lexa - The 100

Clarke & Lexa - The 100
Clarke and Lexa's attraction to each other was so strong, it was frustrating they never gave into that connection until the very end. The fact they gave in to each other when Lexa was dying was bittersweet. When they declared their love before Lexa died, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

15. Madison & Travis - Fear the Walking Dead

Madison & Travis - Fear the Walking Dead
Poor Madison and Travis. They didn't have a whole lot of alone time, what with zombies running around everywhere. It was a shame they were separated from each other when Travis was shot in the helicopter. Madison handled it well on the outside, but you could feel her pain.

16. Glenn & Maggie - The Walking Dead

Glenn & Maggie - The Walking Dead
Glenn and Maggie probably had the sweetest and most pure love in the apocalypse. Their relationship was supported and blessed by her whole family. A rarity in a world of zombies and death. When Negan came along and smashed Glenn's head in right in front of pregnant Maggie, we were all in disbelief. That was so not cool.

17. Rayna & Deacon - Nashville

Rayna & Deacon - Nashville
Like so many others, Rayna and Deacon were on a long road to getting together. It was even longer after she turned down his proposal. Once they finally did get married, they had a rocky relationship. If all that wasn't bad enough, Rayna has to go and get into a car accident and die. At least she was surrounded by family and friends.

18. Carrie & Brody - Homeland

Carrie & Brody - Homeland
A CIA agent and a treasonous military soldier make for an odd couple, but Carrie and Brody somehow made it work. The moments they stole away together were few and far between, but you could tell they were in love. Right or Wrong. Carrie had a hard time holding on to her sanity and watching her love hanged in front of her eyes didn't help one bit.

19. Poussey & Soso - Orange is the New Black

Poussey & Soso - Orange is the New Black
Relationships can be difficult in prison, but Poussey and Soso found their way to each other despite the obstacles. Like any couple in love, they talk about a future together and have lots of other sweet moments. Those moments were cut short, though, when the women protest in the cafeteria where Poussey is killed. No one said life in prison was easy.

20. Matthew & Mary - Downton Abbey

Matthew & Mary - Downton Abbey
Like all good romances, Matthew and Mary started off with a friendship that grew into love. When Matthew asks her to marry him, she waits a bit too long for his liking and takes it back. Can you do that? They did end up marrying and Mary had their baby. Too bad he was killed in a car accident shortly afterward and broke Mary's heart.

21. Amber & Wilson - House

Amber & Wilson - House
We always saw Wilson as House's conscious, and only friend, so when he fell in love with feisty Amber, we saw a side of Wilson we didn't normally get to see. When House and Amber get into a bus accident, Amber is fatally injured, and Wilson is heavy-hearted at her side. It was difficult to watch them say their emotional goodbyes as she drifted off to sleep for good.

22. Rita & Dexter - Dexter

Rita & Dexter - Dexter
It's a question whether or not Dexter was capable of true love, but we do know that what he felt for Rita was as close as he was going to get. Despite his 'day job', Rita loved Dexter. You can't always choose who you fall for. Not surprisingly, Rita died at the hands of a killer. What a horrible way to lose a loved one.

23. Sweets & Daisy - Bones

Sweets & Daisy - Bones
You'd have a hard time finding a cuter couple than Sweets and Daisy. Sure, they broke up a few times, but something about this couple screamed they belonged together. After they were married and Daisy was in her 2nd trimester with little Lance, Sweets was tragically murdered. Daisy carried on with a broken heart and gave birth to their son, Seeley Lance.

24. Alaric & Jo - The Vampire Diaries

Alaric & Jo - The Vampire Diaries
Theirs was a whirlwind romance between a human and a witch. Alaric and Jo are madly in love when Jo becomes pregnant with twins. Bad juju in the witchy world. Just before they're married, Jo is stabbed and she dies along with her babies. Or so they thought. Sadly, Alaric lost Jo and was in mourning when he discovered that his twins were alive. At least he would always have part of Jo with him.

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