24 Couples Whose Love was Denied by Death

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As fans of television, we adore a good love story. We pick who we want together, we witness new love budding and growing, and we cheer it on.

Sometimes these couples frustrate us with their turmoil, but we know in the end, it'll all be worth it. We'll see their love in full bloom, and all will be right with the world.


Not always.

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Sometimes the Grim Reaper has his own plans, and tears love apart right before our very eyes, leaving us a puddle on the floor.

Here are 24 couples whose love was denied by death. Which ones made you cry?

1. Mark & Elizabeth - ER

Mark & Elizabeth - ER
Mark and Elizabeth were both hesitant about finding love, but they couldn't deny their feelings for each other. We routed them on until they finally gave in, and fell in love. Just as we were feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, we found out Mark had a brain tumor and was going to die. We felt robbed! Mark and Elizabeth went away together and Mark died in Elizabeth's arms.

2. Bobby & Diane - NYPD Blue

Bobby & Diane - NYPD Blue
Bobby and Diane always had sizzle on NYPD Blue, so it was no surprise when their love grew. They'd been through so much together, and stood by each other's side. When they got married, we were all so happy for them. That was until a medical condition to Bobby's life too soon, leaving Diane crushed with the rest of us.

3. Sawyer & Juliette - LOST

Sawyer & Juliette - LOST
Throughout LOST, we had the love-ish triangle between Sawyer, Jack, and Kate. That was nothing compared to the chemistry we felt between Sawyer and Juliette later in the series. Now that was love. We saw a softer side of Sawyer reserved only for her, and it made him even more attractive. If that's possible. When Juliet fell down the shaft and later died in Sawyer's arms, our hearts broke right along with him.

4. Spencer & Maeve - Criminal Minds

Spencer & Maeve - Criminal Minds
Spencer relies mostly on his intellect in his job and his personal life. He doesn't take time out for romance, but there was something special about Maeve. The more they talked on the phone, the deeper in love they fell, and they hadn't even seen each other. When they finally laid eyes on each other, they were both kidnapped by a psycho lady who shot Maeve in the head. Right in front of Spencer! You can't get worse than that.

5. Phoebe & Cole - Charmed

Phoebe & Cole - Charmed
Cole was a demon. All around bad entity, right? Not when it came to Phoebe. Their love was so strong, he renounced his evil demon side and fully embraced his human side, just so he could marry her. When he unwittingly becomes the source of evil, the charmed ones have no choice but to vanquish him. Even still, he returns for Phoebe, but it's no use, evil overcame him and the sisters had to kill Phoebe's husband for good.

6. Mark & Lexie - Grey's Anatomy

Mark & Lexie - Grey's Anatomy
Mark and Lexie, like most Grey's couples, had an on again/off again relationship. Mark was historically a player, but he had a special spot for Little Grey and we all felt it. Too bad they wasted so much time not telling each other how they really felt. When they're plane went down and Lexie died right in front of him, his screams of agony were felt through the woods and right through our TVs.

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