24 Couples Whose Love was Denied by Death

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7. Daryl & Beth - The Walking Dead

Daryl & Beth - The Walking Dead
Daryl and Beth would've made the sweetest couple. They were developing their relationship slowly, growing especially strong when they were spending alone time together. She was such a calming balance for him. They're budding love affair was cut short by a bullet to the brain, that Daryl had to witness. There was nothing he could do but carry her lifeless body back to the group. So sad.

8. Sayid & Shannon - LOST

Sayid & Shannon - LOST
Sayid and Shannon couldn't have been more different, but when Sayid asked for Shannon's help translating Rousseau's French transmissions, Sayid saw her in a different light. From that time on, they spent a lot of time together on the island, building their love. Too bad when she took off after a vision of Walt, overzealous Ana Lucia had to shoot her in the stomach. Heartbroken Sayid buried Shannon on the beach and sadly was never the same.

9. Izzie & Denny - Grey's Anatomy

Izzie & Denny - Grey's Anatomy
It's never a good idea to fall in love with your patients, but Denny was just to irresistibly charming to say no to. Izzy fell deeply in love with Denny, who had a weak heart. She's a doctor, she can fix him, right? Wrong. Even after Izzie broke every rule in the book to save his life, Denny ended up dying while she was in the elevator on her way up to see him. She lay next to him, unable to let go.

10. Mickey & Maggie - Days of Our Lives

Mickey & Maggie - Days of Our Lives
Mickey and Maggie definitely went through their share of marital trouble, but their love stood the test of time. Their relationship was one of the staples on Days. After all, they'd been through over the years, things were looking great for the couple when Mickey suffered a heart attack packing for their vacation. Unfortunately, Maggie found his lifeless body and went into shock. A sad end to a long love.

11. Derek & Meredith - Grey's Anatomy

Derek & Meredith - Grey's Anatomy
Talk about a share of troubles, Derek and Meredith had their share. What started off as a little affair turned into one of the strongest relationships in Grey's history. When they finally committed to each other and pledged their love on a sticky note, we knew they'd live happily ever after. They did for a while. A happy marriage and three kids later, Derek is killed in a car accident, and Meredith doesn't even get to say goodbye. Tragic.

12. Tara & Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tara & Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
It took a while for Tara and Willow to get together, especially with Oz in the way, but they finally declared their love for each other. They even got a kitten together, just like they wanted. Even though the two developed problems surrounded their witchcraft, they still loved each other. When Tara took a stray bullet to the heart, Willow was standing close by and tried to bring her back to life. It was no use, she was gone for good.

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