17 of Modern Family's Most Memorable Guest Stars

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Modern Family has been successful from the beginning, so it's no surprise that everyone wants to be on the show. 

TV and movie stars alike have flocked to it. 

Just this week, on Modern Family Season 9 Episode 2, Vanessa Williams showed up as a member of the club Luke and Hayley are working at.

This has been narrowed down to 17 of the best and it doesn't even include Josh Gad, Jesse Eisenberg, Minnie Driver, Penn Jillette, Keegan-Michael Key, Aisha Tyler, Charles Barkley, Peyton Manning, David Cross, Vanessa Bayer, Benjamin Bratt, or Adam DeVine.

If you think those names are impressive, prepare to be amazed by the guest stars below. 

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1. James Marsden - Barry

James Marsden - Barry
James shined back in season 2. Initially thought to be a neighbor of Cam and Mitchell's, we later found out he was actually living in Lily's princess castle. It's safe to say Cam and Mitchell were a little too distracted by his physique to notice. Can you blame them?

2. Matthew Broderick - Dave

Matthew Broderick - Dave
Mr. Broderick showed up in season 4 as a gym buddy of Phil's. He was invited over to the Dunphy home for a guy's night. Dave was gay and hoping to get back into the dating scene while Phil just wanted a friend to hang out with. Things got awkward fast.

3. Edward Norton - Izzy LaFontaine

Edward Norton - Izzy LaFontaine
Although he is almost unrecognizable, Edward Norton stole the show way back in season 1. Claire mistakenly believed Izzy's band was a favorite of Phil's and paid for a private show at their house. Phil's fake excitement and awkward attempt to sing songs he's never heard before was comedy gold.

4. Mary Lynn Rajskub - Tracy

Mary Lynn Rajskub - Tracy
Mary portrayed Mitchell's ex-girlfriend, and the only woman he's ever had sex with, back in season 2. When Mitchell runs into her eight years later he sees what appears to be a young, red-headed child with her. When he finally gets the courage to meet the boy he believes is his son, he finds out he's actually a little person and Tracy's husband.

5. Elizabeth Banks - Sal

Elizabeth Banks - Sal
Sal is arguably one of the best characters on Modern Family. When we first met her in season 1, she was jealous of Lily for taking so much of Mitchell and Cam's attention. That hasn't changed, and neither have her party animal ways, but she does have her own baby now which is definitely a little scary.

6. Fred Willard - Frank Dunphy

Fred Willard - Frank Dunphy
Modern Family hit a homerun when casting Phil's dad. Fred Willard is PERFECT. His easy going, goofy personality is exactly what you would expect from the man who raised the equally goofy Phil.

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