11 Reasons You Should Still Watch Nashville

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7. Deacon

Deacon has always been one of the best (and most adored) characters on Nashville. He's real, flawed; in touch with his emotions but still a tough guy. He's incredibly loving and loyal; and the fact that's he's easy on the eyes doesn't hurt either. Still, the one thing that stands out more than anything is this — he has always been head over heels in love with Rayna. Now that she's gone he'll be forced to do something none of us ever thought he'd have to do — live life without her. Will he start drinking again? I sure hope not. Will he move on? Maybe eventually. I'm interested to see just where the show takes him.

8. To Witness Will's Journey

To Witness Will's Journey
Will has come a long way since Nashville season 1 where we first met him as an aspiring country singer who also happened to be a closeted gay man. We've watched him fight those feelings to the point of marrying a woman he may have loved but not in the right way. He's stood up to numerous people over the years — including his dad — and he's finally out, shameless and free to love whoever he wants. I thought that might be Kevin, but after their breakup, I look forward to seeing where his journey goes (so long as it's not with Zack.)

9. New Characters Are Coming

New Characters Are Coming
Kaitlin Doubleday has appeared in numerous shows over the course of her career. Most recently she portrayed Rhonda Lyon on Empire. On Nashville, she'll play Jessie Cane; a character that left country music behind after a scandal and is now returning to reclaim what was taken from her. Rachel Bilson is best known as Summer Roberts (The OC) and/or Zoe Hart (Hart of Dixie). Her character, Alyssa Greene, is transported from Silicon Valley to take Highway 65 to the next level. She's a no-nonsense marketing expert who isn't shy about the fact that she doesn't like country music. Sounds like drama already.

10. To View The Beautiful Scenery of Nashville

To View The Beautiful Scenery of Nashville
Two of the most famous and frequently shown landmarks are The Bluebird Cafe (pictured above) and The Grand Ole Opry. Most of the characters have performed at one or the other; a select few have performed at both. Honorable mentions go to the Ryman Auditorium where Edgehill helds it's 25th anniversary party, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum where Teddy announced his mayoral candidacy and the Shelby Street Pedstrian Bridge where Deacon proposed to Rayna.

11. Loyalty

I have to throw this one out there because loyalty was so important to Rayna, ya'll. She wouldn't want you to ditch the show just because her character suffered an unexpected, tragic death. She would want to you hang on, stay loyal and support the rest of the characters/actors that she loved and worked with these last 5 seasons. Connie Britton said in her message to fans, "As I know [Rayna] would want it, the show must, and will go on."

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