The Resident Season 1 Report Card: Favorite Badass, Best CoNic Scene, & More!

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7. Friendship Goals - Hawkfor

Friendship Goals - Hawkfor
I am unapologetic Hawkfor trash. The two of them had me hooked since the pilot. Their friendship is built on mutual respect for one another, and it shows every time they interact. Czuchry and Wilson have amazing chemistry and watching them play off of one another is a highlight in almost every episode. Neither character is the type to subscribe to "BFF's," but if they did, they would be one another's without a doubt. They have the witty banter down, and they're unwavering in their loyalty to one another and have a mutual understanding of each other. All of that makes their friendship the best of the series. There are never too many Hawkfor scenes!

8. Scene-Stealer - Irving

Scene-Stealer - Irving
Irving has popped up a few times here, but hey, the guy is awesome! He's always good for a funny quip or one-liner. He's always the one out of the bunch who is trying to play by the rules and do things by the book. He's a good guy and a funny one. We don't know very much about him other than the fact that he likes musicals and Mina, but almost every time he showed up onscreen he demanded your attention.

Honorary Mention: Nurse Jessica. She's hilarious. She has all the juicy gossip. She has some funny lines. She totally rocks, and I hope we get to see more of her (and Irving, of course) next season!

9. Character We Hate to Love - Bell

Character We Hate to Love -  Bell
Bell is far from ideal. He's the guy who killed a patient on the table in the pilot and promptly covered it up. His nickname around the hospital is Hands Of Death And Destruction. He's a bottom-line guy who would street poor and homeless patients or takes all the credit while someone else does all of the work. He's not a good guy. Yet, he's just layered and complex enough to make you secretly root for him to become a better guy.

He has glimmers of goodness and conscientiousness. He's not wholly awful. If Lane became the villainess of the season, Bell was more of an antagonist. He's the lesser of the evils. He's the devil you know. His ongoing battle to cover up his hand tremor and hold onto his glory days of being the absolute best in his field is compelling and so very human. You want to hate him sometimes, and he makes it so easy, but he's likable, too.

10. Character Who Needs More Development - Devon

Character Who Needs More Development - Devon
Come on, Resident Fanatics. You already knew who I was going to pick, didn't you? I promise I won't write a dissertation about all the ways I adore Devon, but I will say that he desperately needs more development. Dayal is one of the leads, but his character may arguably be the least developed of them. Sometimes it felt like Devon was taking a backseat to everything else going on.

A large part of that, unfortunately, may have been a result of his personal life not tying into the hospital in any way like Conrad, Nic, Mina, and Bell. We rarely saw him in his own element outside of the pilot. That's also a reason why his relationship with Priya was a bit lackluster compared to some of the others. Outside of checking in here and there to help take down Lane, it was like he was in his own world separate from most of the things going on at the hospital, as well as most of the people.

How awesome would it have been if we saw Devon's friendship with Bradley in action instead of being told about how close they were in Bradley's last episode? He's the one main character representing interns, so it would be awesome if we saw more of that. Just like it would be awesome if we saw more of him on a personal front, since "Family Affair" gave us a tiny bit of insight but barely scratched the surface. Devon has some development in the first season, and he rocked, but more, please!

11. Most Devastating Moment - Lily's Death

Most Devastating Moment - Lily's Death
Lily's death, without a doubt, was the most devastating moment of the season. There was so much going on during that moment, and by the end, it was difficult to not find yourself curled up in a heap on the floor drowning in all the feelings. One of the best things the show did was gave fans an opportunity to get to know and consequentially fall in love with Lily. It made her inevitable death all the harder to process when there were genuine feelings for her.

The intensity of that scene was palpable. Conrad's desperation was contagious. When he pounced on her and broke her ribs refusing to make the call, you wanted to reach through the screen and pull him off. Don't even get me started on how heartwrenching it was seeing Conrad on the floor beside her bed crying, while a precious puppy came out of hiding. My heart hurts thinking about it.

12. Most Redemptive Moment - Bell Turning on Lane

Most Redemptive Moment - Bell Turning on Lane
Bell turning Lane in was Bell's best moment. He spent the majority of the season toggling back and forth between terrible and something akin to awesome. He and Lane became quite the power couple taking over the hospital and the board, and ousting Claire. At some point, there were lines even Bell couldn't cross, and he finally turned on his friend and lover. It was so satisfying to watch.

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AJ: It's funny. The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself, but the heart, it can repair. Evolve. Adapt to meet its circumstances.
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