23 Dreamiest Male Detectives

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7. Rick Castle - Castle

Rick Castle - Castle
Rick Castle is charming, smart, and ruggedly handsome, (even if he does say so himself) and a great investigator. But he's probably at his sexiest when he's “building theory” with his wife, Detective Kate Beckett. It's like foreplay with their minds and that's seriously hot.

8. Gabriel Holbrook - Pretty Little Liars

Gabriel Holbrook - Pretty Little Liars
On Pretty Little Liars, Holbrook is just like all the other cops in Rosewood. Well, almost. He seems a little too focused on the Liars, borderline corrupt and more concerned with his future than right and wrong. Then you look at him and you think... meh. I can live with that. Just keep looking this way, Gabriel Holbrook. Look this way.

9. Kevin Garvey - The Leftovers

Kevin Garvey - The Leftovers
Kevin Garvey is one of the Leftovers. He's also a cop trying to keep the peace in a world where people are totally lost. It isn't the easiest of jobs. He's a little cuckoo himself. He looks really good in uniform, but and even better out of it. We do notice these things, just sayin'.

10. Jack Larsen - Stalker

Jack Larsen - Stalker
At first we thought Jack Larsen was a detective with Stalker tendencies himself, but it turns out he's a loving father with keen insight into both sides of the crimes. He can do a mean table dance if set loose, too.

11. Tony DiNozzo - NCIS

Tony DiNozzo - NCIS
When we first met Agent Tony DiNozzo he was more frat boy than mature man but time and lost love has given him a depth of character that is seriously sexy without ever losing his sense of humor.

12. Joe West - The Flash

Joe West - The Flash
Never underestimate the sex appeal of a beautiful smile and a hearty laugh. That's what underlies the intelligence and other special skills you'll find in Joe West on The Flash.

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