Friends: 11 Reasons Why Rachel Should Have Ended Up With Joey

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Friends' Ross and Rachel have become one of the most popular couples to ever emerge from a sitcom. 

Their constant will they/won't they left viewers hoping that they would eventually wind up together. But is that reason enough to ship them? 

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Rachel and Joey's relationship may have been created as an obstacle for Rosschel, but Friends accidentally stumbled upon something incredible while trying to drag out a toxic relationship. 

We created a list below of 11 reasons Rachel should have ended up with Joey. 

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1. They're pure and adorable

They're pure and adorable
Rachel and Joey didn't have a huge dramatic love story. It was sweet and simple. They were proof that a relationship doesn't need unnecessary drama to be interesting.

2. Joey loves her selflessly

Joey loves her selflessly
Joey never wanted to pressure Rachel or put her in an awkward position. When she didn't think she had feelings for him, Joey wasn't angry or defensive. All he did was promise Rachel she could never lose him no matter what.

3. They were friends first

They were friends first
Ross and Rachel didn't have a solid foundation of friendship. Ross' season spent pining over her is supposed to be considered the "friend" stage, but Joey and Rachel were friends for years before falling for each other. While Ross idolized a version of Rachel he knew in high school, Joey got to know the real her and fell for her based off of that.

4. There is a major difference with Joey's "list"

There is a major difference with Joey's "list"
When Ross made a list of things he disliked about Rachel, it was compiled of a lot of degrading things. She was "just a waitress" and "too into her looks," and Ross took that into consideration when it came to dating her. The only thing Joey could come up with is that she made him switch to light mayo. And as it turns out, it tastes the same, and his pants fit better.

5. Joey helped Rachel and her baby

Joey helped Rachel and her baby
Having a newborn baby in a tiny apartment isn't an ideal living situation. But Joey completely changed his lifestyle to make sure both Rachel and the baby were in a comfortable home. Even though he wasn't the father, Joey took care of Rachel during her pregnancy and fell in love with her during the most difficult time of her life.

6. They support each other's careers

They support each other's careers
Ross thought he was the most important thing in Rachel's life, and he should come before her career. Rachel even gave up the opportunity of a lifetime to be with him. Joey always encouraged Rachel to follow her passion and even got her first job in the fashion industry. In turn, Rachel was always supportive of Joey's dream to be an actor, and she constantly went to events to support him.

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