Grey's Anatomy: 11 Hopes for Season 14

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We're almost there!

The two-hour premiere of Grey's Anatomy is just a week away and we couldn't be more excited about it. There's so much to look forward to this season. 

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 was pretty rocky, but we're moving on and looking ahead.  You can find out Everything We Know about Grey's Anatomy Season 14, but we still have a few hopes for what we'd like to see in the upcoming season. 

Check them out below, and don't forget you can watch Grey's Anatomy online right here via TV Fanatic.

1. Mer Continues to Move Forward

Mer Continues to Move Forward
Meredith's relationship with Nathan was the first real time she was able to move on with someone after Derek. That was a vast improvement for her. She and Nathan had a rocky start and some back and forth, but by the end of last season, Meredith finally let down her guard and opened her heart. Regardless of what Megan's arrival means for Nathan, we hope that in this upcoming season, Meredith's heart remains open, and she continues with the progress she has made moving forward after Derek's death. She deserves to be happy, and she can find love again.

2. Friendship and Fun

Friendship and Fun
Season 13 was rife with discord, disagreements, and ridiculous amounts of fighting. Everyone was at each other's throats. It was difficult to recall the days when the show's most important relationships were friendships. It was also hard to remember when the show was good old fashion fun. Why so serious, Greys?

Hopefully, season 14 will bring us tons of fun and good times. Sprinkle in some happiness and laughs for the faithful viewers. How about we get a little more of that Girl Squad that popped up in that one episode. Positive and realistic portrayals of female friendship are one of many things that made Grey's Anatomy groundbreaking in its own right. Bring on the girl pals in Season 14!

3. Alex Gets a Decent Storyline

Alex Gets a Decent Storyline
Let's try this one more time. Alex's season 13 arc was less than desirable, but we're always looking forward. Now that season 14 looks as if it'll be the Season of Originals that last season was supposed to be, we sincerely hope Alex gets a stronger story arc and more screentime. He not only needs to have his relationship with Jo sorted out, which from the promos and Matthew Morrison slated to appear again, he very well may be on the path to that, but he also needs a stronger arc for him as an individual. Alex has grown as a character over the years and hopefully, in season 14 the storyline will better showcase that.

4. Relationship Resolutions

Relationship Resolutions
Will Maggie and Jackson actually be a thing, or is it platonic and being misconstrued? Are Jackson and April officially over romantically even after their hook-up in Montana? What exactly is the state of Jo and Alex's relationship? Are they getting back together or getting engaged now that the truth is out?

What is even going on with Owen and Amelia now? Are their issues just over now that something bigger and more important has happened? What does Megan's return mean for Meredith and Nathan? There are so many relationships left up in the air and so many questions! We need answers. It would be fantastic if the upcoming season gives us concrete answers for all of them.

5. Jo's Arc is Properly Explored

Jo's Arc is Properly Explored
Jo's first huge character arc was something teased at the end of season 12, and it has not been properly explored nor resolved since then. For the sake of Jo, her fans, and decent storytelling, we hope it's fleshed out in season 14. After an entire year of waiting, some progress will finally be made now that Matthew Morrison is reprising his role as Jo's ex-husband.

There is still no guarantee that it will be adequately addressed and explored, but it at least sounds promising. One can only hope. That's what this list is for, right? Hopes? Not only do we hope Jo's background is adequately explored, but we hope it's well worth the wait and allows her character to grow.

6. Maggie Let's Loose

Maggie Let's Loose
If anyone needs to let their proverbial hair down, Maggie does. She is coming off of a hell of a season after that abysmal love triangle with Meredith and Nathan and then losing her mother to breast cancer. She had her time for mourning, and the grief will never go away, but it would be awesome if she follows her mom's "Be a little slutty" advice and lives a little. She deserves it.

Based on the seeds planted last season, and the rumors for this one, maybe Maggie might get her shot to be slutty with Jackson. Maybe she hooks up with Jackson or she revisits her fling with DeLuca, who knows? Hopefully, she just gets her groove on with someone. Carefree Maggie needs to be a thing!

7. Owen Finds Happiness

Owen Finds Happiness
It has been so very long since Owen has had a genuine smile on his face. Boy, that man is the poster child for suffering. He wants so desperately to be happy, and something always interferes with it. Owen definitely deserves to find peace and happiness in season 14. Fingers crossed that this happens.

His relationship with Amelia may be on rocky grounds, but his sister is alive and his best friend is back. Surely, this man can find happiness in this upcoming season, right? There's plenty of things to be happy about now. We miss seeing him smile. Let's hope he gets to smile often this season.

8. Arizona Plays the Field

Arizona Plays the Field
Arizona was all over the place as a character in season 13, but hopefully, she'll be back to the lovable, loyal Pediatric surgeon with a heart of gold. She's in dire need of getting her groove back with someone likable. She doesn't have to immediately jump into a long-term relationship; she used to play the field a bit and have some fun before she married Callie. Let's get back to that.

I hope in season 14 she gets to casually date pretty girls (nurses, technicians, maybe a firefighter, they don't have to be other doctors) and have a good time. Let's get Arizona back to being a likable, consistent character who plays the field again.

9. DeLuca Steps Up

DeLuca Steps Up
Stephanie is gone, Ben will be heading to a spin-off, and Jo is, well, Jo. Now is the time for Andrew to step up to the plate and be the awesome resident that he's capable of being. We saw it once upon a time, and we need to see it again. He has grown as a character, but he needs more character development and the chance to truly shine.

With Stephanie gone, it would be great if he took over as the top, career driven resident who masters his craft. It would also be nice to see him develop deeper bonds with the other characters around him. Thankfully, with the news that his sister is coming to GSM, we'll finally get to learn more about him. After being ostracized, overlooked, and pushed to the background, let's hope season 14 is the season for him to become a fully fledged character.

10. Badass Medical Cases

Badass Medical Cases
Meredith literally performed brain surgery on a plane during ultimate turbulence using nail clippers and a straw. Bring on the badass medical cases that make Grey's Anatomy so much fun to watch and keeps us glued to the screen. Half the excitement of Grey's is watching these super hot, super smart doctors actually do their jobs and do them well. Let the powers that be give us some great, memorable cases, please!

11. Owen and Teddy Make Up

Owen and Teddy Make Up
Of all the reunions that need to happen, Owen and Teddy are definitely on the list. They left things in a bad place and haven't really spoken much since. Teddy has spoken to Amelia about Megan, but she hasn't spoken to a shocked Owen yet. We know that they'll reunite and that they'll be rejoicing over this news, but when the dust settles, the two of them need to have an actual conversation. Owen and Teddy need to hash out their issues and officially makeup. Maybe if they do that, Teddy will stick around longer.

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