Grey's Anatomy: 11 'Ships That Should Have Sailed!

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7. Meredith and Mark

Meredith and Mark
Yes, of course, Meredith and Derek were made for each other until the bitter end. Then, of course, Lexie and Mark were the most tragic ship that ever existed in the history of the show, and I'm practically sobbing just thinking about their fate. But hear me out, there was a window for some prime Meredith and Mark action and it would have been awesome.

Mark was like a Rites of Passage that had to be experienced. The two of them were the dirty, slutty mistresses of the Shepherds, and they spent the first couple of seasons being caught in this weird quadrangle. They could have blown off some steam, pardon the pun, at least once before Lexie came into the picture. That's all I'm saying.

8. George and April

George and April
I know, I know, think about it though. Yes, George and April just missed each other. George was killed practically right before April came to Seattle Grace before the merger, but just go with it. Wouldn't they have been a fantastic couple? April is basically the female version of George. It would have been perfect considering George didn't have a halfway decent romantic relationship his entire time he was in the series.

They both are such wholesome and sweet characters. They're family-oriented and were the least jaded of their peers. They both were mentees of Owen. It would have been meant to be. They would have been more than a hook-up. They would have been an endgame. Don't fight me on this.

9. Callie and Owen

Callie and Owen
These two had a rocky start. Cristina was Callie's close friend, and Callie was not at all in favor of Owen and Cristina's relationship. While he was battling with PTSD it wasn't pretty, and when Owen cheated, Callie was one of the first people pissed off.

They had moments where they bonded too, however. The seeds for this potential pairing were planted during that episode where they were married in an Alternate Universe. It seemed strange at the time, but once presented with it, it made total sense.

They're both a bit damaged, but a bit hopeful too. They both wanted more out of life and wanted happy, strong romantic relationships and a family of their own. They wanted the best of it all. They would have made a nice pair. Hell, at the very least they could have hooked up at least once. They had the opportunity to, and it would have been wicked awesome.

10. Alex and Maggie

Alex and Maggie
Well before Maggie was headed in a questionable direction with Jackson, and even before her brief dalliance with DeLuca, Maggie had (and still has) great chemistry with another of GSM's hot docs. While they have developed a bit of a sibling-like relationship over the years, they have always had a bond.

Other than Derek, Alex took to Maggie well before Meredith came around. Their connection was odd considering Alex is usually turned off by awkward, bumbling, sunshiny characters. Who can forget the adorable pep talk Alex gave Maggie in Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 19 where he reminded her that she's cute and sexy and that a guy should want to listen to her?

And we're led to believe that the two spent a significant amount of time together in the year that Meredith was away, bonding over their concern for her. Maggie and Alex have one of the most underrated friendships in recent years, and no one is arguing that they should be endgame, but it's a wonder they didn't hook up at least once.

11. Izzie and Preston

Izzie and Preston
If you think this is because of that Thanksgiving Episode, you're absolutely right. The poor girl from the trailer park who made a name for herself as a model then as a doctor with the pretentious Cardio god. It has all the makings of a lifetime romantic drama. It would have been fabulous.

Burke and Yang were still in the swing of things, and it was awkward as hell at the time inviting an attending over to the college dormitory style Intern Friendsgiving. Preston and Izzie clicked though. They bonded over their appreciation of cooking, baking, and outlook on life.

Izzie's easy charm and Susie-homemaker vibe was a stark contrast to the razor-sharp Cristina. It was right up his alley. If Yang and Izzie weren't friends, and Yang and Burke weren't a thing, it should have happened. They had a surprising chemistry.

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