Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Report Card: Best Glow-Up, Sexiest Couple, & More!

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7. Best Alex Arc - Chief Alex

Best Alex Arc - Chief Alex
It wasn't perfect, but Alex navigating the new role as chief of the hospital was refreshing for many reasons. For one, it highlighted how far he has come from Evil Spawn to a man capable of running the hospital. He has grown so much over the years, and Alex in this role of leadership showcased that growth. He also had an interesting way of doing things much different than his predecessors that made his run entertaining.

8. Best Meredith Arc - Meredith Dating

Best Meredith Arc - Meredith Dating
Meredith jumping into the dating pool due to matchmaker Cece's insistence was entertaining, and the only bad thing about it was that it ended too soon. It would have been so much better if the first half of the season was devoted to Meredith dating multiple men and having unusual experiences like that with John instead of jumping into a love triangle. Meredith was happy and having fun, and it was nice to see her that way.

9. Weakest Character Development - Nico

Weakest Character Development - Nico
Outside of being in a mostly adorable 'ship with Levi, we know little about Nico as an individual. He had no real development outside of the final couple of episodes where he botched surgery and lashed out. His primary purpose was to bolster Levi's storyline. It was unfortunate that he ended the season every bit as underdeveloped as he started the season.

10. Best Richard Moment - Smashing Up the Bar

Best Richard Moment - Smashing Up the Bar
While Richard mostly played a supportive role to everyone else's storylines, his best and most powerful moment of the season was when he smashed up the bar giving people free shots in exchange for their sobriety chips. While his arc wasn't as prominent as many of the others, the focus on his sobriety and that of his friends and acquaintances were profound, and the release during that scene was not only cathartic but an example of James Pickens Jr. at his best.

11. Favorite Patient - Cece

Favorite Patient - Cece
Cece was so pure and sweet. She was a ball of joy and kind, and following her journey was one of the highlights of the first half of the season. It made it all the more devastating when she passed away. She brightened the lives of all those around her, and the relationship between her and Meredith was beyond adorable. Plus, she was the one who encouraged Meredith to find love again.

12. Use Her or Cut Her - Carina

Use Her or Cut Her - Carina
Carina is just sort of there. More often than not it's easy to forget she's still in town and working at the hospital until she randomly pops up again. What's her position? Did she take over as OBGYN now? She's such an afterthought no one even bothered to tell her that her brother is in jail for insurance fraud. Carina needs to either be incorporated into the series more or better, or she needs to head back to Italy where someone or someplace may appreciate her more.

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