Hart of Dixie Photos from "Ring of Fire"

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7. Lavon Gets to Celebrate

Lavon Gets to Celebrate
Will Lavon get to celebrate at BlueBell’s Renaissance Faire on Hart of Dixie?

8. A Little Too Real

A Little Too Real
From the look on Lavon's face, we wonder if someone in taking the faux battles a little too seriously in "Ring of Fire"

9. Taking On Meatball

Taking On Meatball
Lavon doesn't look concerned about taking down Meatball at the BlueBell’s Renaissance Faire. We can't wait to tune in and find out how this battle turns out.

10. Wearing the Crown

Wearing the Crown
Lemon certainly looks comfortable wearing that crown. Of course we expected nothing less on Hart of Dixie.

11. All Decked Out For the Faire

All Decked Out For the Faire
Lemon and Lavon are all decked out for BlueBell’s Renaissance Faire but why does Lemon look so unhappy?

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