Hart of Dixie Photos: "Here You Come Again"

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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 14 signifies a move to Fridays for the show.

Click through pictures now from "Here You Come Again."

1. Working With Mom

Working With Mom
Candice takes on Zoe as a client on Hart of Dixie. "Here You Come Again" is the 14th episode of the show's third season.

2. Time With Mom

Time With Mom
Zoe is thrilled to spend time with her mother, even if it takes becoming her client. Hart of Dixie returns Friday, March 21st.

3. Where's Lemon

Where's Lemon
It's Lemon's coming home party but where is the guest of honor when Hart of Dixie returns on Friday, March 21st on the CW.

4. What Was the Delay

What Was the Delay
Will Lemon tell Zoe what the delay was in making it back on Hart of Dixie?

5. Delivering Bad News

Delivering Bad News
Lavon looks as though he's about to deliver some very bad news when Hart of Dixie returns.

6. Grandma Bettie

Grandma Bettie
Even Grandma Bettie's all dressed up for the big party in "Here You Come Again"

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