iZombie Brain Bits: No Wedding and Three Funerals!

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7. Is it Betrayal if You Weren't Paying Attention?

Is it Betrayal if You Weren't Paying Attention?
If Liv wasn't so lovely it would be a pain in the ass that it took her this long to figure out her father was shady, but also, that Graham who was as shifty as shifty can get was betraying her to save his boyfriend. She didn't even ask questions when she realized Graham's boyfriend was dead.

She didn't ask questions when the new smugglers were behaving strangely. Why is she this trusting? It's infuriating!

She found out about Graham by accident. Liv, why are you like this? It's like she had all of these little pieces of information, but she held them instead of doing anything with them, and I'm starting to question her intellect.

8. Death to Daddy Dearest

Death to Daddy Dearest
So long, Martin. You won't be missed. She made another appeal to her father, this time so he could derail his grand plan, and she almost had him too, but Enzo got to him first. When will this poor excuse for a Frenchman die?

Martin's death isn't a huge surprise, but it sucks how he was this vehicle for this master plan he would never see come to fruition. I still feel like we never got to KNOW Martin at all.

I feel nothing for his death, but I do feel for Liv. Everyone she knows dies. How many times will someone she cares about get killed in front of her eyes? She can't catch a break at all. Why does this show like to make her suffer like this? It's gratuitous.

9. Preparing for War!

Preparing for War!
Martin is dead, but the plan is in action. Riley and the sisters used Liv's smuggling operation to get to Vegas. Of all the ways to spread the zombie virus around the nation, I suppose consuming the brains of sex workers at a brothel and infecting humans that way is the most fun maybe? I don't know. But Martin's plan via Enzo is in play now.

So we have this group of extreme zombies trying to spread zombieism across the nation. Dolly and that general dude are trying to bomb TF out of Seattle to extinguish all the zombies there, and Team Z is caught somewhere in the middle of this. Also, where does the zombie cure factor into all of this?

The lack of cure development has been irksome. I feel like Ravi was wasted in that regard, and so was Dr. Collier. What was the point of her? Major is in charge of FG, but it stopped meaning something along the way. Peyton is just there.

There are maybe three sides of this zombie apocalypse, and I'm no closer to understanding how this series will end. How about you?

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