8 Photos of Kate Beckett's Coat Collection

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On Castle, Detective Kate Beckett looks stunning in most anything, but her vast array of jackets and coats have us wishing we shared her closet. 

Take a look at some of our favorites from Castle seasons 1 through 4.


1. Beckett's Karen Miller Trench

Beckett's Karen Miller Trench
This Karen Millen double breasted trench coat with large buttons was seen several times in Castle season 1 and season 2. It's the coat that started my obsession with Kate Beckett's vast outerwear collection. Side note: Wouldn't it be fun to have Will return now that Rick and Kate are a couple?

2. Beckett's Vince Draped Neck Jacket

Beckett's Vince Draped Neck Jacket
Being stalked by a serial killer is no reason not to be stylish. Here in Castle Season 2 Episode 17, "Tick, Tick, Tick" Beckett is wearing a Vince paper brown leather draped neck jacket. Also seen in "The Third Man, the jacket was originally priced at $995.

3. Beckett's Blue Leather

Beckett's Blue Leather
Beckett was last seen wearing this gorgeous leather jacket on Castle Season 2 Episode 23, "Overkill" We couldn't find any information on the designer or the price but as it's always been a favorite we had to add it to our list. The only down side was that she was kissing Tom Demming the day she wore it.

4. Beckett's Sheepskin Biker Jacket

Beckett's Sheepskin Biker Jacket
When Beckett showed up at Castle's door asking him to come meet Det. Raglan with her, she wore a Reiss black leather and sheepskin biker jacket. First worn in Castle season 3, Episode 13, "Knockdown" we've seen it in several episodes including "Pandora." Original price: $400.

5. Beckett's Charlotte Ronson Jacket

Beckett's Charlotte Ronson Jacket
This Charlotte Ronson black leather jacket with jersey panels has been worn in several episodes but most memorably in Castle Season 3 Episode 11, "Nikki Heat." We wonder if Natalie Rhodes has one too.

6. Beckett in Doma Leather

Beckett in Doma Leather
Fighting off zombies in "Undead Again" is no excuse for poor fashion choices so Kate went with this Doma leather jacket with removable hood and sleeves. Thankfully the undead never touched it in Castle season 4 Episode 22 as it cost $598.

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