Legacies Season 1: What Has Worked Through Midseason?

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7. Penelope's Sass - Works

Penelope's Sass - Works
Penelope has an answer for everything. She's manipulative and knows what to do to get what she wants. More than anything, she's witty and has a way with words any teenager could only dream of. Did we mention that Lulu Antariksa needs to be a series regular already?

8. Professor Saltzman - Needs Work

Professor Saltzman - Needs Work
Alaric has had his fair share of flaws from as far back as The Vampire Diaries Season 1. He needs to start keeping his daughters in the loop about things. The girls finding out things on a need-to-know basis while Hope has the keys to the kingdom is problematic. In addition, him telling the kids to lose the football game earlier in the season sucked. How are these kids supposed to feel good when they're being told to imply they are lesser beings?

9. Hope's Quest for Answers - Works

Hope's Quest for Answers - Works
Hope's father sacrificed himself to save her life. Her uncle also did, but Hope doesn't mention that much. The biggest question plaguing Hope's mind centers on whether her father found happiness. It's a natural thought. Many found Hope's actions with the Necromancer selfish, but in reality, she was entitled to get some answers.

10. The Honor Council - Works

The Honor Council - Works
Giving the students a voice was a great idea. If it's going to give us heartbreaking scenes like Landon being voted out of the school, then we need a lot more decisions from the students.

11. The Brotherly Bond - Works

The Brotherly Bond - Works
Landon and Rafael are foster brothers and will stop at nothing to keep each other safe. It's very reminiscent of Stefan and Damon, and we need a lot more of that in the second half of the season.

12. Alaric's Revenge - Works

Alaric's Revenge - Works
Alaric deciding it was time to take down this new villain after Jo died all over again, was perfect. Taking out his rage on the Necromancer highlighted that the Professor is following a new path on the second half of the season.

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Alaric: Cheater!
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Alaric: Block with your hand.
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