Lucifer: 13 Times Trixie Stole Our Hearts With Her Cuteness

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We might not see Trixie on screen often, but when we do, she has our full attention.

Lucifer might have an aversion to her, but we sure don't. She's the cutest thing we've ever seen on TV.

Maybe Lucifer just needs a little more time, but we think he secretly adores her. And we can't wait to see more of them together.

How many times has Trixie stolen our hearts with her cuteness? Check below to find out!

If you haven't seen Trixie yet, you can watch Lucifer online to see all of her cuteness in action!


1. The New Doll

The New Doll
Trixie definitely has some diabolical undertones like when she destroyed her doll in hopes of getting a new one. Chloe didn't find it amusing even though Dan and Lucifer did. And we have to did we!

2. President of Mars

President of Mars
Trixie didn't want to be a princess for Halloween like her mom thought. What she really wanted to be was the President of Mars, and thanks to Maze she was! How cute were those martini glasses on her head?

3. Meeting Lucifer

Meeting Lucifer
Trixie had our hearts right from the beginning. When she met Lucifer it was classic Trixie as in could there be anything cuter? This little girl isn't afraid of anything. Not even the devil.

4. The Chocolate Cake Incident

The Chocolate Cake Incident
We love chocolate cake just as much as Trixie. We loved when she denied eating the cake despite the evidence. What was even better was her telling Chloe that she was just taking Lucifer's advice that if you see something you want...take it!

5. Little Miss Independent

Little Miss Independent
We're not exactly sure how she got to the Lux, but she did. What was even better was her instant connection to Maze. Is there anyone Trixie doesn't like?

6. A Little Princess

A Little Princess
Even though she didn't want to be a princess for Halloween, we can't help but love how adorable Trixie looked in her gown. Whether she's the President of Mars or a princess, Trixie is the epitome of cute!

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