Lucifer Season 3 at Midseason: Best Episode, Expendable Character & More!

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7. Not So Best Episode

Not So Best Episode
Lucifer Season 3 Episode 6, "Vegas with Some Radish," is not an episode I remember, nor is it one I'm likely to watch again. Other than surprise at Ella's toned abs and dance skills and her ability to dress up nicely, it was nothing other than an opportunity for Lucifer and Ella to show off their Broadway skills. It felt utterly pointless overall especially because I hate Vegas Reviews. Blech.

8. Biggst Surprise

Biggst Surprise
Linda's husband went through a lot of crap in relation to her snogging Lucifer and was always right in our periphery, but we never even knew it! That's a shocker. His insane concern over Linda's wellbeing took him and an investigation into some pretty strange places, but it was a decent wrap-up for viewers culminating in a beautiful whiteboard of the seasons to date with everything up to Pierce's arrival. Too bad he couldn't have stayed around a little longer because his mind could have really been blown if he'd met, you know, CAIN.

9. Did NOT See This Coming!

Did NOT See This Coming!
The Sinnerman reveal was right under our noses the entire time and hidden beautifully. Cain killed his brother. The Sinnerman killed Pierce's brother. The Sinnerman is Pierce. Pierce is Cain. Cain was sentenced to walk the earth as an immortal for the sin of killing Abel. Mindblowing reveal that will hopefully only continue on that path when we discover why he's hunted down Lucifer and how all of the straggling pieces fit into the puzzle.

10. Outstanding Mystery

Outstanding Mystery
Where is Lucifer's devil face and why are his wings growing back? Is it God who is trying to teach him a lesson his son refuses to learn through other means? Is it a simple lesson like the one Lucifer missed trying to be the coolest guy in LA or one too difficult for any of us to understand? Or is it not God at all? Cain has no supernatural powers other than being immortal, does he? So many questions for this mystery, but I'm OK with it not being solved yet. In due time.

11. Why Lucifer Would be Charged with Sexual Harassment in a NY Minute

Juggling funbags lucifer s3e7

Dan: Our victim's name is Poppy Parker. She owns an organic cosmetics line, sort of a local celebrity for all natural skin care.
Chloe: And, uh, what are all these?
Lucifer: These are boobs! Yes! I'd know them anywhere.
Chloe: Please. Don't. Juggle. The evidence, Lucifer. But, it's OK if he does because they've already been processed.
Lucifer: They're called fun bags for a reason!

Dan: Our victim's name is Poppy Parker. She owns an organic cosmetics line, sort of a local celebrity for all natural skin care. Chloe:...

12. Odds On Favorite for Ethereal Creature

Odds On Favorite for Ethereal Creature
Everyone has thought for a while Ella has to be something otherworldly, but her antics with Charlotte and her inability to sniff out something off with Pierce (other than having a massive crush on him) had edged her out of the running. On the other hand, Trixie continues to work her magic on everyone. When left in a room with Charlotte, she not only had the woman's hair in the same style as the little girl in short order, but even managed to convince her to reach out to her children. If the union between Chloe's parents was blessed in some way, her daughter seems to have caught the spark!

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Lucifer Quotes

Dan: Where'd you learn to pick a lock like that?
Ella: My grandma.

Lucifer: What if I want to press charges?
Dan: For what?
Lucifer: Stupidity.