Meredith Grey Helps Launch Grey's Firefighters Spinoff!!

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We've known for quite a while now that a brand new series in the Grey's Anatomy universe was making it to the small screen. 

This new show will center on the workers of Firehouse 19, which is set in Seattle and means the characters will be able to cross over from both series. 

ABC has dropped a string of episodic pictures from the show's series premiere which is slated to debut Thursday, March 22 at 9/8c. 

ABC has yet to give the series a title, which is surprising when you consider how close we are to the premiere date. 

Have a look at all the pictures below and join us in the comments with your thoughts on them. 

1. Help From Meredith

Help From Meredith
Grey's Anatomy's Meredith is on hand to provide some words of wisdom for Andy when the unthinkable happens.

2. A Disaster

A Disaster
Jaina Lee Ortiz plays Andy Herrera, and it sure looks like Andy has had better days than the one she's having in the above picture.

3. Who's There?

Who's There?
The two women look shocked by the arrival of someone else. Could this unseen character be the one responsible for whatever happened?

4. Meet Maya

Meet Maya
Danielle Savre plays Maya Bishop, an Olympic athlete turned firefighter. She does not look impressed.

5. Tears

Given that this is a show set in the world of Grey's Anatomy, we're willing to bet Andy is expecting the worst news.

6. Hi, Ben!

Hi, Ben!
Remember Ben was talking about joining the world of firefighting? Well, he took the plunge.

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