NCIS photos from "Bulletproof"

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Check out these photos from NCIS Season 11 Episode 15, "Bulletproof." It is scheduled to air Tuesday, February 25 on CBS. 

1. Gibbs and Bishop

Gibbs and Bishop
Gibbs has been pulling Bishop into quite a few interviews and interrogations since she arrived at NCIS. "Bulletproof" airs on Tuesday, Feb. 25th on CBS.

2. Abby Looks Worried

Abby Looks Worried
Abby looks worried. Has she found something out about the faulty bulletproof vests and where they've ended up on NCIS.

3. Fun in the Lab

Fun in the Lab
It looks as though Jimmy's going to have some fun testing bulletproof vests on NCIS.

4. Stolen Goods

Stolen Goods
A murder leads the team to a truck full of faulty bulletproof vests. Can they make sure that none of them get to soldiers overseas?

5. Fans Are Wondering

Fans Are Wondering
Many fans are wondering just how prepared Bishop is to be out in the field. Will she surprise us and the team?

6. The Right Choice

The Right Choice
Do you think Gibbs made the right choice in offering Bishop a spot as the new probie? "Bulletproof" is the 15th episode of the show's 11th season.

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