Netflix Cheat Sheet: Which Shows Have Been Canceled?

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Netflix is great. It has an endless supply of content for subscribers to binge. 

But Netflix's shows are not invincible. They are no different from traditional networks, and the numbers can be staggering.

The streamer has been on a bit of a cancellation streak of late, with many shows struggling to survive for a second season. Will it keep you from watching their upcoming content?

It's time to take a look at the originals the streamer has renewed and canceled. 

1. The Crown

Set to end after its fifth season, with Imelda Staunton to take over the Queen Elizabeth II role from Olivia Colman.

2. Everything Sucks

Canceled after one season. This beloved series starring Peyton Kennedy gets a lot of love from TV Fanatic for her fantastic performance as a young girl dealing with her sexuality.

3. House of Cards

Canceled after six seasons. The Kevin Spacey debacle killed a great series, but Robin Wright stepped it up for a stunning finale season.

4. Hemlock Grove

Canceled after three seasons! Long live the small, fictional Pennsylvania town.

5. Orange is the New Black

Canceled after seven seasons. A sequel series is already in the works. It's going out on a high note, and we can't wait to see what's next.

6. Marco Polo

Canceled after two seasons! This expansive series never caught on with the fans.

7. Bloodline

Canceled after three seasons of family secrets and more drama than Florida's elite could handle.

8. Sense8

Canceled after two seasons, but a movie wrap-up was produced. We really appreciated the opportunity to see how it ended.

9. Narcos

Canceled after three seasons. A spinoff, Narcos: Mexico was produced. With the drug culture still thriving, we wouldn't be surprised to see more.

10. The Get Down

Canceled after one season. This ambitious series, ultimately, was too expensive to produce for the gains it offered.

11. A Series of Unfortunate Events

The source material came to an end during Season 3. Netflix opted to end the show at that point.

12. Gypsy

Canceled after one season. The Naomi Watts vehicle may have focused on an obsessive psychologist, but fans weren't obsessed in the least.

13. Seven Seconds

Canceled after one season, but not before lauding star Regina King with well-deserved acting awards!

14. The Good Cop

Canceled after one season. This was not to be the comeback vehicle Tony Danza hoped.

15. Daredevil

Canceled after three seasons. As this was one of their most popular programs, we can only imagine this cancellation (and the other Marvel shows that follow) is a result of the upcoming Disney streaming network.

16. Iron Fist

Canceled after two seasons. It wasn't highly received, but recovered in the second season.

17. Luke Cage

Canceled after two seasons. Another shocking cancellation likely at the hands of the Disney/Marvel connection.

18. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Canceled after four seasons. Kimmy got an ending. What more could we ask?

19. W/ Bob & David

Canceled after one season. This might have been canceled because nobody ever heard of it.

20. Love

Canceled after three seasons. This quirky and romantic series had an ending that was supported by the series creator.

21. Fuller House

Canceled after five seasons. Really, weren't five more seasons of the family icing on any cake?

22. Flaked

Canceled after two seasons. Wow. This unknown series had two seasons. That's great!

23. Netflix Presents: The Characters

Canceled after one season. This improvisation show had a very low audience score.

24. Lady Dynamite

Canceled after two seasons. The second season was called brilliant by some, but it still got the ax.

25. Easy

Canceled after three seasons. Series arriving in 2016 didn't have a long life. Comedies don't seem to do well on the streamer at all.

26. Haters Back Off

Canceled after two seasons. Another oddball comedy that landed on Netflix in 2016 didn't have a long shelf life.

27. Girlboss

Canceled after one season. This critically panned series featured a lead character it was difficult to like and didn't do well with viewers.

28. Disjointed

Canceled after one season. Really, how many shows about marijuana need to air on TV anyway?

29. American Vandal

Canceled after two seasons. This critically acclaimed series getting cut was a shock to many.

30. All About the Washingtons

Canceled after one season. This family comedy was canceled for reasons unknown.

31. Super Drags

Canceled after one season. Apparently this cartoon about three gay coworkers who masqueraded as drag queen superheroes didn't have the right stuff.

32. Club of Crows

Canceled after four seasons. This Mexican comedy/drama was highly regarded and ends after a fourth season airing in 2019.

33. Marseille

Canceled after two seasons. The first French-language original production for Netflix and the C├ęsar Award-winning actors attracted a large audience in France.

34. Estocolmo

Canceled after one season. This Argentinian series was about an undercover agent, a prosecutor and a journalist try to bring down a human trafficking ring.

35. My Only Love Song

Canceled after one season. This Korean historical, romantic drama was a Netflix co-production with South Korea and had 20 episodes.

36. The Killing

Canceled after four seasons. The Killing was saved and then canceled, so it was a win regardless.

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