Netflix Has Canceled 37 Scripted Shows So Far

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7. Sense8

Canceled after two seasons, but a movie wrap-up was produced. We really appreciated the opportunity to see how it ended.

8. Narcos

Canceled after three seasons. A spinoff, Narcos: Mexico was produced. With the drug culture still thriving, we wouldn't be surprised to see more.

9. The Get Down

The Get Down
Canceled after one season. This ambitious series, ultimately, was too expensive to produce for the gains it offered.

10. A Series of Unfortunate Events

A Series of Unfortunate Events
The source material came to an end during Season 3. Netflix opted to end the show at that point.

11. Gypsy

Canceled after one season. The Naomi Watts vehicle may have focused on an obsessive psychologist, but fans weren't obsessed in the least.

12. Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds
Canceled after one season, but not before lauding star Regina King with well-deserved acting awards!

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