New Amsterdam Season 1 Report Card: What Worked and What Needs Work!

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New Amsterdam is one of the breakout hits of the year, and it was for good reason. 

The tear-jerker medical drama quickly gained a devoted fanbase and appealed to many with its impressive cast, compelling storytelling, and refreshing feel-good quality. 

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The first season was an emotional rollercoaster ride, and the cliffhanger finale has left fans in a state of shock and impatiently waiting for the series to return. 

It's going to be a long break until Fall. However, now is a time to review some of the things that worked all season, and some of the things that need improvement. 

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Check out the slideshow below and hit the comments with all the things you enjoyed about the first season and what you feel the series needs to improve upon. 

If you need a good cry, or you want to relive the series again, you can watch New Amsterdam online here via TV Fanatic! 


1. Ryan Eggold's Performance - Obviously Works

Ryan Eggold's Performance - Obviously Works
It's redundant pointing it out, but it needs to be said all of the time. Ryan Eggold slays this role, and he has more than pulled off leading a series of his own. The entire cast is magnificent, of course, but Eggold as the lead is one of the things that attracted people to the series, and he's also a reason people came back time and again.

From the moments where Max was the eager go-getter with boundless energy, to the heartfelt, raw and vulnerable moments, to the outbursts and anger, to the devastating scenes where Max's cancer was sucking the life out of him, Eggold was incredible and showed such range.

2. The Season Finale's Cliffhanger- Didn't Work

The Season Finale's Cliffhanger- Didn't Work
The season finale was intense, and the episode was pretty decent, but the cliffhanger was a gut-punch. Up until then, New Amsterdam had stood apart from other popular medical series, but the over the top car crashes killing one of their own in a most dramatic fashion was something ripped out of, well, the playbook of the other two popular medical series I may or may not review.

The cliffhanger of "who died" is too much. Now that it's confirmed a key character is dead, it's uncomfortable to know the frontrunners are women. If Helen is dead, it'll be a blow to the series they wouldn't bounce back from, and if Bloom is killed after returning with an interesting arc about addiction, it would be terrible, but if they kill off Georgia, it's cruel and cliche. It's a cliffhanger which left much of the fandom unsettled.

3. Iggy's Entire Arc - Worked

Iggy's Entire Arc - Worked
It's no secret Iggy Frome is a fan-favorite. Tyler Labine is the best in this role, and Iggy is such a scene-stealer. He also had one of the best arcs from the beginning of the season until the end. He has proven to be an effective psychiatrist, and he had the most engaging cases.

He also had some strong attachments to his patients, which led to a frustrating arc that had him reevaluating how he interacted with the people he treated. It caused him to reflect in an intriguing way. Iggy was perfect all season.

4. Max's Cancer Battle - Needs Work

Max's Cancer Battle - Needs Work
Fortunately, the series improved on this by the season's end, but for the majority of the season, it was easy to forget Max was battling cancer at all. He was running himself ragged but had more energy than one would expect. The effects of it didn't start hitting him and showing until the back-half of the season.

By then, it was as if the series accelerated everything to give us the full effect of it and rip our hearts out. It's such a signifcant aspect of the series and his characterization, and it could've been handled better.

5. Bloom's Addiction Arc - Worked

Bloom's Addiction Arc - Worked
Not only was it a way to accommodate the actress' maternity leave, but it was a realistic, timely look at doctor burnout and the way in which people in certain stressful fields can be high-functioning addicts. It was an ongoing arc which was thoroughly explored and had room to breathe, and Montgomery gave incredible performances throughout. As a result, it would be a shame if she met a tragic end after she overcame this beast.

6. Floyd and Evie's Relationship - Didn't Work

Floyd and Evie's Relationship - Didn't Work
The finale had Floyd proposing to Evie against his family's wishes, but what if his family was on to something about his relationship with Evie? From the beginning, it always felt like the pair was on borrowed time because of Floyd's unresolved feelings for Lauren. Even if Lauren wasn't a factor, Evie's incredible, but it often feels like Floyd is caught up in the idea of what things are supposed to be rather than appreciating her as a person. Their compatibility is unconvincing.

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