Once Upon a Time Photos from "Bleeding Through"

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Click through these photos from Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 18, "Bleeding Through."

The installment will feature a return from Cora, along with many other developments.

1. Kissed by Rumple

Kissed by Rumple
Why is Zelena plays a game of tonsil hockey with Rumpelstiltskin in this scene from the Once Upon a Time episode "Bleeding Through."

2. Rumpel's Touch

Rumpel's Touch
We thought Zelena hated Rumpelstiltskin. Then why do these two look so close in the latest Once Upon a Time?

3. Keeping Rumpelstiltskin in Line

Keeping Rumpelstiltskin in Line
Zelena's found the key for keeping Rumpelstiltskin in line. She just waves that dagger at him and he does exactly what she commands.

4. Zelena and the Dagger

Zelena and the Dagger
It doesn't appear that Zelena is letting go of the Dark One's dagger any time soon on Once Upon a Time.

5. Zelena Finds a Heart

Zelena Finds a Heart
It looks as though Zelena has found a heart. We know it isn't her own. Could it be the one Regina has been hiding?

6. Zelena's Looking Pleased

Zelena's Looking Pleased
Zelena's looking quite pleased with herself. We wonder if it's because of the gorgeous hair. Does she use her witchy powers to get it to look that good?

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