Once Upon a Time Photos from "Kansas"

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Check out these photos from Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 20. Get an idea of what's to come on "Kansas."

1. A Boy or a Girl

A Boy or a Girl
Do the Charmings have a baby boy or a girl? We'll have to tune in on Sunday because these pictures aren't going to give it away.

2. Meeting Their Baby

Meeting Their Baby
Charming and Snow meet their new baby on Once Upon a Time. "Kansas" is the 20th epidoe of the show's third season.

3. Falling From the Sky

Falling From the Sky
It appears that a house falls out of the sky but at this point it appears that Dorothy is wearing regular shoes.

4. Dorothy Looks Scared

Dorothy Looks Scared
Dorothy looks scared. We think she's got every reason to be terrified. Does she know she's facing down the Wicked Witch?

5. Meeting Dorothy

Meeting Dorothy
Dorothy meets both Glinda and Zelena. How do things go so horribly wrong from here?

6. The Pendant

The Pendant
There's that pendant that helps Zelena focus her power. Is there anyway that Emma can get it off her neck?

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