Once Upon a Time Photos: "There's No Place Like Home"

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Check out these photos from Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 21.

Is there really no place like home?

1. So Content

So Content
David and Mary Margaret look so content with their newborn son in their arms on the season finale of Once Upon a Time.

2. Celebration at Granny's

Celebration at Granny's
Every gathers at Granny's to celebrate the safe return of the David and Mary Margaret's baby boy.

3. Emma Hugs Her Parents

Emma Hugs Her Parents
Emma hugs her parents as they present their son to the residents of Storybrooke in the season 3 finale of Once Upon a Time.

4. Her Baby Brother

Her Baby Brother
What's it like to have a baby brother who is 30 years your junior? Only Emma Swan would know.

5. Flannel Shirts

Flannel Shirts
Did Henry have this many flannel shirts in New York City? Perhaps Emma needs to take him shopping for something a little stylish.

6. Looking So Happy

Looking So Happy
Everyone looks so happy. But this is the season finale so we can't imagine that will last long.

7. Ruby's Back

Ruby's Back
Even Ruby made it to the party. We've seen so little of her this season. This time her outfit is much more subdued than what we're used to seeing her wear.

8. Rumpel and Belle

Rumpel and Belle
Rumpel and Belle show up for the occasion but Belle doesn't look happy. Any chance she's figured out that Rumpel switched daggers already?

9. A New Addition

A New Addition
The new addition certainly makes this one big happy family. We can only hope it will last but we're certain there must be another twist headed their way.

10. Regina Looks Concerned

Regina Looks Concerned
Regina looks concerned. Does she already know that Zelena has disappeared. At least she's got Robin Hood by her side to deal with the consequences.

11. They Have No Idea

They Have No Idea
Hook and Emma have come to celebrate. We're betting they have no idea that another trip to the Enchanted Forest is headed their way.

12. The Proposal

The Proposal
Is this the moment that Charming asked Snow White to marry him? We certainly hope that no one stumbles upon them to mess it up and change the future.

13. Not In Storybrooke Any More

Not In Storybrooke Any More
Well, Hook and Emma certainly aren't in Storybrooke any more. Can they make their way back while not changing the future for themselves or their friends on the season 3 finale of Once Upon a Time.

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