Once Upon a Time Season: Who Will Die?

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At the end of Once Upon a Time season 3, one major character will be no more. That's right. Someone will die. No flashbacks. No magical reprieves. 

Who is your pick for the character meeting the grim reaper during the second half of this season?

1. Once Without Emma?!?

Once Without Emma?!?
She's the character who started our story. Could Once Upon a Time survive without Ms. Swan? It would certainly send Henry, Snow, Charming, Neal, and Hook all into a grief stricken tailspin.

2. No More Snow White?

No More Snow White?
It would certainly change everything for Emma and Charming but could they survive without their pillar of hope and strength?

3. A Future for Hook?

A Future for Hook?
This would be a real shame given the Captain Swan chemistry that's been brewing but Hook really doesn't have another connection to the core story. Could season 3 be the end of our favorite pirate?

4. Could This Be the End for Neal?

Could This Be the End for Neal?
We couldn't wait to see Neal make it to Storybrooke but the chemistry between he and Emma has been lukewarm at best. Could he be destined to get ripped away from Henry once again?

5. A Life Without Charming

A Life Without Charming
Things got a little dull for Charming during the first half of the season. Could this be the member of Emma's family who's still in danger? Unfortunately, he's high on our list of possibilities.

6. Will Belle Survive?

Will Belle Survive?
She's barely been on the screen this season and if Rumplestiltskin is truly dead, then there isn't much hope for Belle.

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