One Tree Hill Cast, Crew React to Sexual Harassment Claims Against Mark Schwahn

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7. Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany Joy Lenz
Lenz shared, "What a long time coming. Your deeds will truly find you out in the end. I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak up in a time when change is possible. There is still more to say but for this moment, we thank you for your support."

8. Adele Lim

Adele Lim
Writer and producer, Adele Lim shared, "I was in that room, too. I stand with @audreyalison, the cast and every female writer who pushed through."

9. Stephen Colletti

Stephen Colletti
Stephen said, "I want to acknowledge the women of OTH who have penned their letter with deep wounds from a culture unacceptable for anyone, at any age, and in any business.

I have the utmost respect of your position in righting the wrongs you have endured. I stand for you, for better."

10. Lee Norris

Lee Norris
Lee Norris took to Facebook with a statement of his own.

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