Orange is the New Black: Every Character Ending

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Orange is the New Black is over. 

It was a show that shed light on some of the topics other TV shows stayed away from. 

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While it's sad to say goodbye to some of the best-written characters on all of television, some of them got really good endings. 

Others, not so much, but Orange is the New Black was never a show about happy endings. 

How did we leave all of these wonderful characters? 

Find out below. 


1. Badison

Badison liked to cause problems during her time at Litchfield, so her exit storyline was well-deserved. After trying to get Alex shipped out of the prison, it was revealed that she was the one sent away instead. Karma.

2. Joe and Natalie

Joe and Natalie
The two went through a lot of bad $hit during the final season, but in the end, all that mattered to them was that they were together. They geared up to adopt a child, but we never learned what Natalie thought of the winner of Love Island.

3. Healy

He left Litchfield behind and got a job at a smoothie cafe.

4. George “Pornstache” Mendez

George “Pornstache” Mendez
Pornstache returned for a cameo to show him actually being a father to Daya and Bennett's daughter. Yes, we're shocked about that one.

5. Scott and Wanda

Scott and Wanda
They returned to the prison, but not how you might expect: They are employed by PolyCon.

6. Tamika

After being promoted to the warden, Tamika tried to make things better for everyone, but she quickly realized that was not going to be possible with such a limited budget. She was fired in the series finale.

7. Hopper

Hopper was caught having sex with Aleida in the SHU and swiftly fired by Tamika.

8. Hellman

He was the worst CO out there, and his reward was to get the warden job on the series finale. Litchfield will be more corrupt than ever with that dude at the helm.

9. McCullough

McCullough told Tamika the truth about her feelings for Alex, requesting Alex's transfer. She got to keep her job thanks to the power of manipulation.

10. Linda Ferguson

Linda Ferguson
The wicked witch of Litchfield continued to cause problems in the name of keeping the profits rising.

11. Daddy

Daddy was one of the newer characters to appear on the series, but it doesn't make her death any less heartbreaking. Her girlfriend, Daya, gave her drugs that had been laced with something that should come with a "Danger to Life" warning.

12. Luschek

Luschek owned up to bringing the mobile phone in. In the process, he helped Gloria get out on her release date.

13. Gloria

It was touch and go for a while, but she managed to get out of the slammer and returned to her family.

14. Maritza

Maritza's storyline came to a heartbreaking conclusion when she learned that she was undocumented and was subsequently deported.

15. Flaca

Flaca vowed to help the people in I.C.E. get in contact with their loved ones and legal counsel.

16. Blanca

Blanca went to criminal court and won her case. Her visa was reinstated, but she chose to return to her recently deported boyfriend, Diablo, in Honduras.

17. Karla

Karla was deported to El Salvador, but she tried to return to the U.S. to be with her children. However, she found herself in quite the pickle when she broke her ankle and was left in the desert with a bottle of water.

18. Polly and Larry

Polly and Larry
The two remain together, while Polly confirms she is pregnant.

19. Santos

Santos is helped by Natalie to abort her child nine weeks into her pregnancy.

20. Mei Chang

Mei Chang
Mei was caught after escaping and put in the I.C.E. detention facility.

21. Alex

Alex is sent to a prison in Ohio, where she bumps into some former characters.

22. Boo, Anita, Erica, Norma and Gina

Boo, Anita, Erica, Norma and Gina
These five become friends with Alex in Ohio.

23. Ruiz

Ruiz finally agreed that Yadriel should move on ... even if his new girlfriend has the same name as her.

24. Daya

Daya continued her descent into darkness by talking her younger sister into joining the family drug business. Her mother seemingly killed her, but it was left open to interpretation.

25. Aleida

Aleida returned to the prison after violating her parole, but her sentence was not disclosed.

26. Morello

Morello struggles to come to terms with the death of her son, Sterling. It all proves too much for her husband, Vinny, who decides to end their marriage.

27. Frieda

Frieda is planning a great escape by digging a hole behind a poster in her room. Good luck with that!

28. Lolly

Lolly makes her way to B-Block when the psych unit is shut down. She makes fast friends with Suzanne.

29. Sophia

Sophia opened a hair salon and put prison well and truly behind her.

30. Cindy

Cindy returned home, only for things to go sideways thanks to a letter from Taystee that confirmed to Lillian who her mother was. Cindy left and lived on the streets, but continued working, only for her to reunite with her family in the end.

31. Red

Red is diagnosed with early-onset dementia and makes her way to B-Block for the rest of her sentence.

32. Nicky

Nicky takes over the kitchen in the I.C.E. Detention center and sets out to be a motherly figure to the inmates, in a similar way to the way Red was for her.

33. Shani

Nicky's girlfriend is deported to Egypt and does not get the chance to say goodbye to Nicky.

34. Leanne, Angie, Janae, Allison, Kasey, and Brooke

Leanne, Angie, Janae, Allison, Kasey, and Brooke
These six survived and made their way to the same prison.

35. Taystee

Despite attempting to take her life, Taystee realized that she had to make the most of it. She joins forces with Judy King to create the Poussey Washington fund to help people when they get out of prison. On top of that, she started a class to help people manage their money.

36. Judy King

Judy King
Judy wrote a novel about her time in Litchfield and helps Taystee with the Poussey Washington Fund.

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