Orphan Black Season 4 Report Card

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7. Most Heartwrenching Moment

Most Heartwrenching Moment
Kendall Malone may have been crotchetchy and rather unlikeable when first introduced, but her soft spots and love for her daughter (and clone "daughters") were revealed over the course of the past two seasons. Her death, orchestrated by Evie Cho and carried out by Detective Duko, was utterly tragic. The entire montage following her death, from Cosima's shocked and distraught witnessing of it to her daughter Siobhan's disbelief and heartbreak, was beautiful.

8. Best Hendrix Moment

Best Hendrix Moment
Donnie, needing to provide a semen sample while undercover as one half of a gay couple intending to conceive, called Alison and enlisted her for some quickie phone sex. Apparently, Alitalia flight attendant roleplay is Donnie's go-to choice. Bonus points for Tatiana Maslany's funny Italian flight attendant accent and all those plane puns. It was a moment almost as iconic as the Twerking With Money dance. (And no, this picture isn't from the phone sex scene – no images appear to exist for that particular scene, so this is just a generic Alison-holding-a-phone picture.)

9. Most Badass Moment

Most Badass Moment
Helena swooping in, bow and arrow in hand, in the nick of time to save the Hendrixes from the Brightborn lackey was spectacular. Helena didn't play a big enough role this season, but this epic moment makes up for a lot of that.

10. Hopes For Season 5

Hopes For Season 5
Art is a great character and a fierce ally to Sarah. He deserves a plot of his own, as opposed to just remaining a side character who pops in whenever the clone sestras needs a helping hand. The Beth flashbacks also showed us just how much he loved the dearly departed cop clone, so it would be tragic for him to wind up all alone by the end of this. Ideally, Cal would also make an appearance – his absence was a bit conspicuous this season, though we know Cal's portrayer is busy over on Game of Thrones. Overall, the ideal final season would wrap up remaining plot lines in satisfying (but not pat) ways. This show has gotten more and more complicated with all of the twists and turns over the years, so here's hoping they don't leave any enormous plot holes (a la Lost) by the end of it.

11. Overall Season Grade - B+

Overall Season Grade - B+
This season deserves a solid B+. While it wasn't perfect and there were some questionable choices, it was largely very successful by the end with a few truly excellent moments that will go down as some of the best in the show's history. The finale has us eagerly anticipating the final season of the series.

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